Start feeling irresistible and create deeper intimacy in your relationship today 

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There are four easy steps you can start implementing today to create more love, intimacy, and fulfillment in your relationship and you will start seeing the results in less than a week.

1. Learn to receive and express how it makes you feel when your man supports you

As women we have a collective tendency to be “helpful” and not a burden and we immediately reciprocate any kind of support or help.

We address this urge on a deeper level in The Sanctuary portal to make sure you get long-term and sustainable results. For now, just know that your man is the happiest when he can make YOU happy. If you can receive his efforts with ease and genuine appreciation, he will make continuous efforts to make your life easier and show you how loved and cherished you are.

Next time you notice he´s offering you support/gift/compliment/hug make sure you lean into it and receive it fully. Let your body melt and feel the support that is available to you in the moment. Show him how it makes you feel.

2. Trust that he´s capable and can figure things out while you lean back and focus on your self-care

One major dynamic that depletes our feminine energy and suffocates all the intimacy and excitement in your romantic relationship is giving your man instructions, commands, and nagging him incessantly.

His biggest motivation is being in the presence of a happy, relaxed woman who knows how amazing she is. When he can feel you radiating calm peace and happiness, he can´t resist but start moving toward you and he´ll want to spend more time in your presence.

When we are uptight, controlling, and two steps ahead of him, our energy feels heavy, rigid, and not fun to be around at all.

Tending to our feminine heart and learning to cultivate spaciousness around our feelings and reactions creates space for him where he can step up because as we learn to trust ourselves we let go of the need to hold so tightly onto control.

He will start feeling capable and like he can succeed with you, which fuels his masculine purpose in your life and makes him feel needed and trusted.

3. Knowing you deserve to be loved and cherished and moving towards things/activities that make you feel that way

Nothing feels more fulfilling than having planned at least two activities every day that make your heart squeal with delight. Whether it´s sitting in your favorite chair and sipping hot chocolate or taking a bath and lighting a candle.

By making sure you are moving towards things that fill your heart with joy, peace, and happy excitement, you also make sure your man´s attention and focus will start moving towards you.

​In The Sanctuary we learn to move away from a codependent style of relating when it´s hard to take your energy off of the man and focus it on moving your life forward and we learn how to support our heart and desires in a healthy way that feels nourishing and restful.

4. Sharing your desires vulnerably and softening into how YOU want to experience your life

Sharing what makes you happy and what your heart desires more of gives your partner an opportunity to win with you and to become part of your happiness.

Good men have an innate instinct to cherish the woman they love. When you know you can comfortably lean into this truth, you will feel confident in sharing your desires which creates amazing intimacy and connection. The more he can give to you and the better he can support you the closer he´ll feel to you and the more intimate your relationship becomes.

In The Sanctuary I teach you how to create the connection with your feminine heart and needs first so you can confidently express yourself with your man and create the deep loving connection you crave.

If you´d like to deepen your receiving and intimacy skills you can join us HERE and start practicing today to get the results you desire.

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