I´m helping empathetic ambitious women who want to create HEALTHY & FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS in love, family, and biz/career.

In my experience, the thing that keeps amazing women from being in a fulfilling relationship and creating a career that is supporting them and letting their feminine genius shine is not a secret missing key, not a lack of self-awareness or the fact that they are not doing enough of the ”inner work”.

Before they find me, the majority of my clients have actually done A LOT of inner work, they have often worked with a therapist, they have done the introspection, self-analysis, reading all the self-help books, doing the programs, etc. This is what often happens when you can´t figure out an area of your life and you are convinced that there has to be something wrong with you. Why can´t I get it right? What do others know that I don´t? What´s wrong with me?

In fact, using the inner work as a means to an end is just another way in which women try to fulfill the secret expectations that they have for themselves. The expectations are that one day, once they have done enough “work on themselves” they will be perfect, they will have the perfect body, perfect life, and then they can finally have the perfect relationships and career.

Because the area of relationships already felt like hard work to them, for many of my clients it also felt “intuitive” to do more work.

And because a lot of self-development modalities and advice is geared more towards our logical and analytical (more masculine) side, they can indeed start feeling like a lot of “work” (after the initial high of “maybe this will finally work for me” wears off). Micromanaging your feelings and thoughts is not only tiring but also unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. You are already overworking yourself and you don´t need anyone to pile up more invisible labor in front of you.

What if there was nothing wrong with you and you just didn´t know how to use your emotions, energy, and skills in a way that´ll work FOR you and not against you?

You´re not here to effort, strive, and push against your feelings, personality, and body.

The thing with inner work is that you can be “doing it” for years, but are you doing the work that truly moves you, your relationships, and life forward in a healthy grounded way?
What I don´t see many coaches and healers talk about is the conditioning that we as women receive while growing up and which turns the inner work into a means to an end and it keeps women spinning in circles.

My clients are creating amazing results all the time, but we also never use the “inner work” as a means to an end, because I am very aware of the conditioning and how it makes women use even things like healing modalities as measuring sticks with which they can beat themselves up.

What we do is that I teach them how to create a feeling of inner safety, security, and wholeness and show them the value of their femininity. This helps them to free up any energy they have been using on self-judgment and self-criticism and they can then use it to get in touch with their body´s wisdom and their instincts which are always guiding them to the next best step, partner, or decision.

Being connected to your needs, wants, and desires (healthy feminine) and having clarity around what is non-negotiable for you (healthy masculine) makes all the difference. You are free to let go of all the scripts and strategies and you can start trusting your self. This makes your communication crystal clear and your relationships extremely fulfilling.

That is why in my one-on-one program we work on three crucial areas:

#1 Feminine genius – I guide my clients towards cultivating a deeply intimate relationship with themselves and their heart where no part of them is off-limits, shamed, or labeled as negative. Accessing the ability to connect and understand the language of their body (somatic work), emotions, and subconscious often feels “counterintuitive” or like they are growing a new muscle but it is inevitable if we want to dissolve the confusion and mental restlessness and help her discern a healthy relationship partner as fast as possible, so that those who are not a good fit don´t deplete her energy and so that she doesn´t waste her precious time on fantasy relationships.

#2 Masculine support – I use a specific set of mind-body practices that help my clients to regulate their nervous system, create an internal support system, and learn how it FEELS to be in a healthy relationship dynamic (sometimes for the first time in their life). They learn how to slow down their defense mechanisms while exploring and anchoring a new feeling of being the RECEIVER (which naturally and gently dissolves the performing and overgiving mode). This new mind-body connection translates into every area of their life from parenting to romantic relationships and relationships with their family members and for many of them leads to greater success and fulfillment in their career.

#3 Integration and expression – We allow the newfound sense of freedom and healthy relationship dynamics to inform their external support systems through tangible baby-step actions. My clients are allowed to “protect” the parts of them that were the driving force of the unhealthy behavior and they learn how to nourish them and their needs in a healthy way. Because they have learned to open up the communication between their subconscious (body and emotions) and conscious mind, they don´t need to look for invisible blocks or obstacles. They simply get to be themselves. Creating this level of self-trust rehabilitates their trust in the external masculine and life itself.

I created this guide to help you live in an empowered way, committed to enjoying the journey, and easily supporting yourself with simple awareness and emotional mastery.

This new path will bring you joy, excitement, and fulfillment because you no longer have to keep up with superficial timelines. As you dissolve the inner chaos, anxiety, and fear they´ll be naturally replaced by support, safety, and happy surprises along the way.

… or discover my unique self-paced program for an emphatic ambitious woman who desires to cultivate fulfilling relationships and leave the self-improvement behind

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