3 steps to having a dream love

The path to a healthy safe relationship that feels amazing is simple.

What most women who desire it need, is support when the fears come up along the way.

The path consists of three steps:

1. Healing the relationship with your heart and love

Learning to feel at home in your body and heart. Consistently feeling warm, open, safe, and excited about your dreams and the life you are creating for yourself (healing codependency). Being excited about the relationship you are moving toward and men that you are meeting along the way. Changing your relationship to love and the men at its core (deep inner work) so you can start feeling like you are enough for love and there are enough options of quality men out there for you.

2. Becoming your best husband 

Putting your desires in your calendar consistently and building a support system. Planning activities and moments that make you feel happy, fulfilled and excited about life. Building connections with people that heal the loneliness and codependency, so when you meet a man or an ex reappears (they always do to test your willingness to move toward what you really want) you won´t attach too early and repeat old patterns.

3. Being in your feminine ease

Being visible to men. Feeling confident making eye contact. Finding it easy to talk to them and connect. Knowing you want to choose the best fit for you and you get to have many options to choose from. Connecting with them heart to heart and learning to recognize the type of man you will have a healthy safe relationship with that will also feel amazing. Not settling for anything less than what you truly want.

​The step where you feel the most resistance is where you self-abandon.

When you tend to that fear, you feel relief and you move forward.

Once you learn to embody the feeling – I get to have the relationship I want and it feels normal, natural, easy,… you prioritize yourself, your desires, and your heart, and you accept only what you truly want, having the relationship you want is inevitably happening.

On the path to dream love, it´s incredibly important to know where you are headed and to have a solid map. In The Sanctuary of a Feminine Woman, you learn to recognize men who are ready to be in a healthy relationship and you learn to approach relationships with light playfulness, excitement, and ease.

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