A shortcut to being in a loving relationship

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A shortcut for any woman who wants a relationship that feels amazing, nourishing to her soul and body, and sustainable long-term is focusing on her emotional maturity and practicing healthy secure bonding with her feminine heart, needs, and her partner.

One of the first results my clients create is a feeling of spaciousness and grace when it comes to their own emotional ebbs and flows and other people´s behavior and responses.

A woman who understands the importance of showing up in her relationships as an emotionally mature partner and who has taken the time to understand her inner landscape brings a feeling of ease and spaciousness to her interactions.

She doesn´t feel a feeling of urgency when she´s experiencing a stronger emotional reaction to her partner´s behavior (e.g. him making a mistake, not responding to her message by a certain time, not responding in a way she expected him to, etc.).

She took the time to understand her inner landscape and patterns that stop the flow of intimacy in her relationship so she doesn´t act from an emotionally reactive state.

There is no rush to “figure it out” or “teach him how to do better”. She has learned that her well-being is a priority and doesn´t hand her sense of calm, contentment, and peace over to any man. She knows she doesn´t need to work hard for love.

Together we build a pathway for her that takes her back to her feminine heart and offers her space for gentle processing that allows the trigger to be seen, understood, and dissolved.

She learns to access a sense of innate knowingness that good men want to support her and they usually have a good reason for doing things in their own way.

When he doesn´t respond according to her expectations, instead of allowing him to be a reason why she starts feeling pent-up resentment and frustration, she slows down to address what is truly going on in her inner world.

She becomes well-practiced in creating space around the stories popping up (he doesn´t love me, I am not good enough for him,…) that in the past would prevent her from accessing and creating more intimacy and connection in her relationship.

The feeling of calmness and spaciousness in her heart and body and around the connection with her man feels naturally inviting, warm, and nourishing to him, and he is going to want to experience more of it. She doesn´t have to manipulate the connection, force, or nag. 

In the space where she slows down and supports herself instead of blaming him (sending a reactive passive-aggressive text) for her emotional state or turning in on herself and shaming/analyzing herself (I am not good enough, I shouldn´t feel this way…) she creates an opportunity for understanding and connection.

Through the support in my programs, women learn how to communicate their heart´s desires and needs so that they feel heard, seen, and understood by their partner.

Their communication and emotional state become anchored in the knowing that good men want to make them happy. They love to win with us and support us. Your happiness and appreciation make your partner´s life brighter and more fulfilling. It reminds him of his importance and gives him a unique sense of masculine purpose.

The unhealed reactivity (the little girl in us that craves love and acceptance but feels unheard) will make you withhold love and affection from your partner and ultimately from yourself.

Without the right tools a woman with unaddressed reactivity is going to think that if she is not receiving the level of support she craves, something must be wrong with her.

She will use different communication and self-improvement tools to manipulate men and her own heart /emotions (trying to say the “right” thing, skipping over uncomfortable emotions, and believing she shouldn´t be feeling the way she feels).

When we feel urgency in relationships and respond with frantic energy (I need him to respond NOW, I need his attention NOW, I need him to do exactly what I want, …) it is the little girl in us looking for support, guidance, emotional validation, and safety.

She is ultimately looking for a secure attachment with you as her caregiver. It is your heart looking for your warmth, compassionate understanding, and a feeling of home no matter what is happening around you or how many mistakes you make along the way.

A woman who has found home in her heart and body and who is well-practiced in healthy bonding and cultivating intimacy
– knows she gets to be supported and loved as she is AND she won´t put her reactivity on her partner
– knows she is special and worthy AND she doesn´t need her partner to prove it to her (she makes sure her life feels fulfilling and she´s engaging in activities and plans that feel pleasurable, exciting, and joyful)
– knows her man (men) wants to make her happy AND she gets to cultivate a deep feeling of contentment where she is not waiting on anyone to make her happy

A woman who has an amazing relationship understands that both parts of these statements are equally true and she doesn´t see them as mutually exclusive.

The process I take clients through in individual sessions as well as the self-study portal (The Sanctuary of a Feminine Woman) is based on somatic processing (inner work), understanding healthy relationship dynamics (education), and feminine arts (heart work).

You get to learn to understand and connect with your emotions and bodily responses, learn how to communicate them clearly and feel supported, cherished, and closer to your partner.

You learn to tend to your needs and coping mechanisms and feel more intimacy in your relationship than you imagined possible.

The individual support is a perfect fit for a woman who wants to learn secure attachment and who wants to feel supported as she learns to work with her inner landscape and relationship dynamics.

The one-on-one program is always client-centered, paced in a way that feels safe, gentle, and supportive. You don´t need to figure it out on your own anymore and we create a solid foundation for your relationships in 10-week time.

If you prefer a lower investment self-study option, join us in The Sanctuary.

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