Individual Clients

If you desire to sign up for my one-on-one program and mentorship, fill out the application form and if we are the right fit, I will be in touch with you soon.

I have two options (packages) for new clients:

1. Whole and Worthy program that includes ten individual sessions (up to 90 minutes-long). We have one session per week + individual homework. It is a more intensive program that allows us to go deeper and lay solid foundations when it comes to your relationships.

Sessions are held via Zoom and the time depends on our availability.

The investment in the program is 2100 € (approx. 2250 USD) which can be divided into two installments (five weeks apart).

2. The second option is a 3-month package:

– it includes nine 75-minute long sessions (three sessions per month +  one week without sessions for integration). The investment in the program is 550 € (approx. 590 USD) per month (1650 €/ 3 months (9 sessions)). This is a slower-paced program with more time for deeper integration, but the content of the programs is very similar and always client-centered. 

Both of these programs offer us time to work together regularly and lay strong foundations.

*If you would like to work with me and are limited when it comes to financial resources, I am offering a few spaces per year at a discounted rate (-25% to -50%) for women from lower-income countries/households (please, fill out the last field to apply for this opportunity). I am selecting women for this opportunity very carefully, make sure to take the time to fill out the application form in detail to be eligible for the discount.

If the one-on-one support is not the right fit for you, check out my membership portal with tools and resources for an affordable monthly fee:

I also offer client support after the initial program. You can book with me single sessions as often and for as long as you will need. Some women feel like they received everything they needed throughout the program and others opt for more long-term support. It is completely up to your preference and needs and my availability/schedule.

I don´t offer single sessions for new clients, but I offer an opportunity to schedule a quick call where you can ask me questions or discuss whether you are the right fit before you invest in the 1:1 program.

My work is client-centered and the sessions are tailored to support your individual needs and desires, personality, lifestyle, and uniqueness of your mind-body system.


I applied to Eva’s program after trying out traditional therapy and dating coaches with little success in my romantic life. I was very attracted to the idea of re-connecting to my femininity after living so many years in a masculine mindset. I really liked how Eva addresses the root of the problem instead of just providing advice or instructions to follow. I feel I am now more self-aware and connected to my feelings, allowing them to guide me instead of feeling I have to suppress them. I now feel more empowered in my relationships and my life. Thank you, Eva!

Carrie (Florida, USA)