Here to Empower You

I´m so excited that you´ve found me. You can mark this day in your calendar as the beginning of a new life. A life where you´re aligned with your truth, your power, and your intuition. A life where you´re excited to wake up every morning and eager to create a meaningful life. Meaningful to YOU!

Do you know deep down in your heart that you´re meant for more, but you seem to hit invisible walls that don´t allow you to go in the direction of your desires?

Does it feel like all the Law of Attraction advice is just not doing it for you?

Do you know that you create your own reality, but feel like something is holding you back and you can´t put your finger on it?

Are you a sensitive person that feels drained around others and you simply can´t tap into your power?

Do you feel restricted by the life you´ve created and you´re now finally ready to level up and magnetize relationships and career that´ll set your soul on fire and make your heart burst with joy and excitment?

If you´ve answered yes, to any of the above, but still doubt if it´s possible…

Well, we have some deep soul work to do. And some belief shifting as well. And it makes me so excited!

Because I´ll show you that nobody has power over your life, but YOU.

YOU decide on what you want to create and it´ll be reflected back into your experience.

What other people think doesn´t matter. Let´s leave their beliefs up to them and let´s work on yours. This is how you take YOUR POWER BACK!

You get to choose how you feel and you get to choose what you have. Because you´re the creator.

However, I know from my own experience the struggle that comes with unhealed wounds and emotional baggage.

It feels like you´re never good enough.

It feels like you can´t master the power to act on your desires.

It feels like you can´t tap into your own authentic expression and voice.

It feels like you need to constantly improve yourself and you´ll never be done.

It feels like you can´t be fully yourself around others.

You´re calling in some of your manifestations, but not the ones you truly want.

You´re not sure whether to visualize, let go or take action.

And meanwhile, all you want is to take your power back and create a fulfilling life on your own terms. Are your desires too much? Are you selfish? Is it legit to want what you want?

Of course, that you should want what you want! Your desires are beautiful and you didn´t come to settle for anything less than that.

Is my work for you?

You KNOW you create your own reality and want to understand and learn how to use your power efficiently.

You´re READY to take responsibility for your own emotions and actions and create a meaningful life.

You´re STUCK in certain areas and are ready to DIVE INTO shadow work, look at your beliefs, and become integrated in all your INTENTIONS and your FOCUS.

You´re ready to HEAL shame and guilt around being your authentic self.

You´re willing to do the work. I´ll be SUPPORTING you all the way through AND I can´t do the work for you.

You´re ready to be seen and heard on a soul level.

You crave someone who´d lovingly reflect your truth back to you and guide you through your fears while honoring all the feelings that come up with the inner work.

You´re committed to being HONEST with me and DEDICATED to your inner calling.

You´re ready to receive what you´ve been asking for.

What you can expect:

Stepping fully into your self-worth.

Healing your emotional wounds and triggers and tapping into energy of joy and self-love.

Shifting your beliefs and calling in new opportnities.

Processing all your emotions, no spiritual bypassing here!

We´re going to look at all of it. The good, the bad, and the ugly and will come out on the other side more powerful than ever before.

Full support in your healing process, transparency, gentle honesty and intuitive insights into your current energetic state.

Inner child work, shifting beliefs and tapping into your self-love and your inner fire.

Balancing your feminine and masculine energies and taking aligned action.

Grounded and practical approach to manifesting your desires and joyful life.

I´m a Europe based women´s empowerment and self-love coach working online with women all around the world.

INVESTMENT: 78 EUR/ 88 USD per single 60 minute session

INVESTMENT: 264 USD/ 236 EUR per four 60 minutes sessions (one session a week)

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