Individual Clients

I am a relationship mentor based in Europe working online with women from all around the world.

Feminine Genius Mentor

If you desire to sign up for my one-on-one program and mentorship, fill out the application form and if we are the right fit, I will be in touch with you soon.

The price of my three-month program is a low four-figure investment. The core of my coaching method is oriented towards sustainable change, long-term results, and stabilization of the nervous system.

My work is client-centered and the sessions are tailored to support your individual needs and desires, personality, lifestyle, and uniqueness of your mind-body system.


I applied to Eva’s program after trying out traditional therapy and dating coaches with little success in my romantic life. I was very attracted to the idea of re-connecting to my femininity after living so many years in a masculine mindset. I really liked how Eva addresses the root of the problem instead of just providing advice or instructions to follow. I feel I am now more self-aware and connected to my feelings, allowing them to guide me instead of feeling I have to suppress them. I now feel more empowered in my relationships and my life. Thank you, Eva!

Carrie (Florida, USA)