Individual Clients

I´m so excited that you´ve found me!

My work is for you…

If you have perfectionistic tendencies that are holding you back from enjoying life and achieving what you want.

If you´re always doing the ‘right’ thing, following the rules, yet each time you end up more frustrated and disappointed than before.

If you´re putting lots of effort into everything you do (work, relationships,…), but you feel like you´re receiving very little back, if anything.

If you´re doing the self-development and inner work to earn the outcome you want.

If you feel the need to micromanage and hold onto every last detail of your life, otherwise you´re afraid that it will fall apart.

If you´re constantly pulling other people with you or waiting for them to step up and change their mind (esp. with partners and clients).

If you´re tired of doing it all alone and feel like no one supports you.

If you´re always trying to make things happen, yet feel like it keeps your desires at arm´s length.

If you´re always trying to think your way to a specific outcome and don´t know how to connect to your body and your intuition.

If you´re suppressing your emotions and end up with underlying feelings of anxiety and frustration.

And yet you know that there must be an easier way of navigating life. So you often ask yourself…

What if you could enjoy life and still get what you want?

What if you were already enough and you didn´t have to work harder to prove your worth and create the life you secretly desire?

What if you could say ‘no’ to what doesn´t resonate with you and trust that the right opportunities and the right partner will show up when you are connected to your intuition?

What if it wasn´t at all about how hard you try and how much effort you put in?

What if you could live without the anxiety or frustration and instead feel safe and secure most of the time?

What if your body and your energetic blueprint weren´t meant for the constant hustle and that´s why you feel burnt out?

What if the constant self-improvement and looking for answers outside of yourself – in books, programs, and podcasts was the very thing holding you back?

What if you didn´t need to sacrifice yourself and your needs to live the life you want to live.

I guide women…

Who are ready to choose themselves.

Who refuse to live their life from a space of fear and anxiety.

Who are tired of drama and want to experience more joy and peace.

Who are tired of doing all the work and pulling everyone else along with them.

Who want to learn more about how to leverage their emotions and let go of triggers without having to constantly twist themselves into a pretzel.

Who have tried doing it the ‘right’ way and are now ready to live life their own way.

Who want to leverage their intuition, connect with their feelings, do less, but be and have more of what they desire.

I´m a Europe based women´s relationships & career/biz mentor working online with women from all around the world.

Feminine Genius Mentor

If you desire to sign up for my one-on-one program and mentorship, fill out the application form and if we are a right fit, I will be in touch with you soon. The investment in my one-on-one programs starts at 2100 €