Father Wound

The father wound shows up in women as a lack of discernment >>> self-protection >>> emotional strength >>> sustenance of their feminine essence.

The most common examples I see coming up in my practice are a lack of discernment when it comes to relationships and healthy masculine and addiction to chasing love and the “masculine” (men and money are the areas where women have the most distorted perception and polarity).

The unhealed inner child fantasy keeps a woman wanting to be saved or to save their partner as an act of love.

This relational distortion creates codependency, emotional instability, and financial instability.

Feminine devotion (heart) and innocence without masculine protection and discernment fosters naivety. She becomes blind to all the red flags coming her way and because of her blind loyalty to unhealthy patterns she is often out of touch with the reality of the relationship she is living in.

The father principle in a family and in our inner world represents discernment, protection, strength, and sustenance.

When a woman heals her father wound and unhealthy entanglement with the distorted masculine energies (charmer, bully, … ) her body and intuition (Spirit) can immediately see, discern, and invite the healthy masculine into her life.

Our own masculine energy harnessed and focused on strengthening our connection to our body and wisdom of the Spirit (manifested as intuition) creates safety and space where we can heal all the distortions and beliefs and our relationship with the masculine protection, provision, and support.

For emphatic, ambitious women who have done a lot of inner work and who now desire to step beyond healing and start creating relationships and career that feels nourishing, I created a two-and-a-half-month-long one-on-one program Worthy & Whole. Over the course of ten weeks we:

  1. Set your instincts free, train your body to recognize how a healthy relationship feels and help you let go of any unhealthy attachments and dynamics that are draining your energy (this discernment takes your career to a whole new level as well and dissolves all the self-doubt)
  2. Work with your inner best husband so that you have the most empowered gatekeeper to your feminine light and feminine genius which turns you from a fixer-upper to a beautiful castle and helps you to structure your life in a way that is actually supporting YOU.
  3. Create a mind-body connection that feels safe, supportive, and extremely nourishing and making it a bottom line in all your endeavors. This is a whole paradigm shift that opens you up to new opportunities and helps you to leave the belief that “you deserve only things that you worked hard for” behind, forever.
  4. Make it comfortable for you to lead with your feminine genius and let go of unnecessary defenses that dim your radiance. You will learn to lean into your intuition (feminine instinct) and trust yourself.
  5. Help you discern what is healthy and what is not when it comes to polarity and relationships and help you become comfortable with using your own integrated empowered energies to support yourself and to let others (including men) who are equally empowered to support you as well.

My one-on-one program is a low four-figure investment, but small in comparison to the clarity, fulfilling relationships, self-confidence, and peace of mind that you will walk away with.

If you are interested and would like to sign up fill out the application form and we will see if it is a fit.

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