• Practice

    4 Quick Tips: Why the Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it?

    Are you a day-dreamer? I guess you know exactly how you want your future to look. What if I told you that your vision can, in fact, become your reality? Here are four simple steps that will help you to take your power back, focus on what matters to you, and CREATE a future that you will be excited to wake up to. So here we go… 1. FOCUS The truth is that YOU get to choose who you want to be and what you want to create every single day. The more you focus on what you want the clearer your vision becomes. Even though clarity takes time, we…

  • Inspiration

    Hey, soul sister!

      Today I would like to share a piece of my heart with every woman who is discouraged, lost hope or is looking for more meaning in her life. I am going to talk from my experience of how I used to give my power away and how I tend to do it every now and again and how I blame everyone else, before I gather the courage to look into my own eyes and see in them the only source of love and encouragement I have been waiting for. My dear friend, bear with me for a few moments and I hope that when you have finished reading the…

  • Inspiration

    Manifest YOU II.

    Let´s continue in transcending the beliefs we hold about manifesting and desires in the second part of Manifest YOU:   What is the meaning behind the concept of letting go You have to hold your desires very lightly so they will be eventually only pointing the direction of your life instead of holding you hostage to the future. Desire is helping you to know yourself better and to allow the creative force of love to flow through you, so you can experience who you truly are. The connection to the force, which created you and which provides you with every breath, is what allows you to let go and to…

  • Inspiration

    Manifest YOU I.

    Many people think that life happens to them by default. Those are the people who are going to create their life by default without being aware of it. However, now I would like to speak directly to you and address the desires of your heart, because you are becoming aware of the fact that you really are the creator of your life experience. I believe we are here to be our true Selves, to be love in motion. What is a better way for love to express and experience herself than in a form of a human being? I would like to share with you some of the revelations I…

  • Connection & Lifestyle

    The ultimate key to every relationship

      One of the main sources of unhappiness in our lives is the belief that we are supposed to take responsibility for more than our own life. It didn´t occur to us that we probably weren´t meant to be everything to everyone and that if we stayed in our own business – that means in our own life – it would keep us busy for the rest of our days, here, on the Earth. You cannot and will not uplift anyone from a place of your own misery. When you are suffering, hurting or being confused how could it possibly help anyone? The thought I should help everyone else first…

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