• Practice

    Feeling stuck? Two reasons why and practical tips for getting back in the flow

    Have you set your vision on a goal, but later down the road you cannot force yourself to take the right action? The reasons might be different, but we usually assign them to lack of time, lack of possibilities, laziness, fatigue, and so on. If the answer is yes, I am right there with you and I am going to offer you a different viewpoint so that we can transcend the layers of resistance together and come out on the other side with more flow and alignment than ever. Basically, from my experience, there are two reasons why we are not doing what we want to do and what we think we should do.…

  • Connection & Lifestyle

    Little Big Lies about Healing

    I have been studying inner healing, manifesting and mindfulness for years now and over time I have encountered many types of advice. The best method of discerning between information that helps us to heal and the one that creates more tension is to pay attention to the way it makes us feel. The old paradigm of pushing through, trying hard and suppressing pain has never really worked. Why? Simply because what we resist persists. When we are trying to move on or push through the pain even though we are not ready yet, we are always neglecting a part of ourselves that needs our attention the most. I am introducing…

  • Practice

    How to Use Journaling to Consciously Create our Future + free journaling prompts

    Journaling is one of many tools that we can use for our personal development and inner transformation. However, tools are just tools, they won´t work until we do and they are here to help us and support us on our journey, therefore, they shouldn´t cause us anxiety or stress. So, if your intuition is not guiding you to use journaling as one of your tools, I give you a permission to stop reading right here and now and go do something you actually enjoy doing and what brings you excitement and joy. If you feel like you might benefit from trying this technique out, I am more than happy to guide you…

  • Practice

    Shifting limiting beliefs: changing our self-image

    Manifesting the reality we desire, takes dedication to our inner healing journey. A great part of my work consists of reminding you that we are worthy of our desires and that by shifting our beliefs, our reality shifts as well. However, because sometimes a change takes time, it is crucial to stay consistent with our healing tools and to sooth ourselves while going through the transformation process. To make the inner work and manifestation journey more tangible, I am introducing a process which can be used to heal our limiting beliefs and to transcend them altogether. Each time you become aware of the limiting thought, shift your inner dialogue to…

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