• Inspiration

    The most important promise? The one you make to yourself! On how keeping a promise to yourself will change your life.

      Are you tired of life getting in your way? I can totally relate to that. You want to accomplish a dream or follow through on your goals, but then something happens and you´re right where you started. It seems like we are building sand castles and when a storm comes it simply blows everything down. Now, the question is: What is the foundation of our efforts? My life changed radically when I started to become aware of the fact that I so often failed to keep the promises I gave myself. Let´s look how our life can change when we start keeping promises we give ourselves: You´ll stop lying…

  • Practice

    Daily planner for ease and flow

    Morning is without a doubt my favorite part of the day and l would love to bring some flow into your mornings, as well. I always make sure that I have a few minutes for myself every morning so I can set my intentions for the day ahead. I believe that our thoughts shape our reality and our decisions define our life. If we feel overwhelmed by the outer circumstances and we can´t connect to our center, it´s probably because we didn´t take time to get clear on who we want to be in the world. Imagining what I want my day to be like and feel like, helps me…

  • Connection & Lifestyle

    You´re not responsible for other people´s happiness: The art of minding your own business

    One thing that happens to me often, is that I see someone living a life that I think I would be unhappy to live and I feel immediately sorry for them. I meet a grumpy server or an annoyed post office worker and I think that they have to be suffering because life hasn´t been fair to them. Other times, I assume people are unhappy because they do something I won´t be able to enjoy doing and I project my resistance onto them. When we pity someone, feel sorry for them or worry about them there is always one person suffering and it´s not necessarily them. People might be happy living a life you´d never live…

  • Connection & Lifestyle

    Stop chasing after what you want

    Today´s post is probably going to contradict everything you have heard and believed so far about getting what you want. In this post, I would like to provide you and me, even if for a little while, with a space to rest from all the things we are striving so hard to achieve. Aren´t you tired of the race and the games we are playing with life and ourselves? I can honestly say that I am. Sometimes I persuade myself that I want something really bad and that I won´t be happy until I get it. I think I don´t have to give you all the details about how it…

  • Practice

    Live your best life wherever you are

      I remember when I was a little girl I had a tendency to save the things I thought were precious for later. For instance, if my parents bought me a beautiful pair of shoes I wouldn´t wear them to school immediately. I would place them very carefully in a closet, so I could admire them but at the same time they were protected from unwanted things happening to them. My nightmare was that I would trip up on something and there would be a scratch all of a sudden on my new shoe. Sometimes I kept them in the closet for so long that I didn´t eventually get to…

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