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    Feeling stuck? Two reasons why and practical tips for getting back in the flow

    Have you set your vision on a goal, but later down the road you cannot force yourself to take the right action? The reasons might be different, but we usually assign them to lack of time, lack of possibilities, laziness, fatigue, and so on. If the answer is yes, I am right there with you and I am going to offer you a different viewpoint so that we can transcend the layers of resistance together and come out on the other side with more flow and alignment than ever. Basically, from my experience, there are two reasons why we are not doing what we want to do and what we think we should do.…

  • Inspiration

    Forgive yourself

      The truth is that you are doing so much better than you allow yourself to think. If you looked on all the mistakes and all the regrets you are still holding against yourself, you would see that they only brought you closer to your heart. And, now, when you came to know your heart, it is time to fly. Time to fly effortlessly without any shame or regrets. Nevertheless, I know that it is not flying you are afraid of, but it is falling you fear. Your guilt and shame towards yourself are sometimes so heavy that they pull you back down leaving you without no hope that you…

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    Others have no power over you: Claim the power over your own life

      You are a creator. You are choosing your priorities and, surprisingly, you are choosing your belief system, as well. When your beliefs reflect who you truly are, nothing in this world can touch or steal your joy. Nothing can stop the miracles you bring forth into this world and the blessings from entering your life. No one has power over your own life. You can give other people and their beliefs power, but they can´t take it without your permission. When you are feeling upset, anxious or fearful, ask yourself: to whom did I give my power? You are in your power when you are one with God/ truth/ love. You…

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    Liberate yourself to be who you truly are

      I am looking forward to sharing with you a few insights that have helped me to live my life with more joy and with a greater sense of freedom . If you are feeling trapped in your current life, I hope the following words liberate you. If you are feeling lost, I hope that the light, which joins us all, lights up your way. If you are fearful, I hope that you will feel the love that surrounds you. Here are the stepping stones to freedom that is already yours, but sometimes it is nice to be reminded: 1. Give up lying “Every lie whether it is big or…

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    Why are you feeling lost?

    Every now and then I tend to find myself in an emotional state which is difficult to describe, however, I am sure – in one way or another – you have experienced it, as well. To an outside observer your life would seem just fine, there isn´t any particular reason for you to be unhappy, because on the outside you are doing pretty well. Nevertheless, you are sure that what is happening on the inside is definitely going to drive you crazy. To be more precise it feels like YOU are going to make yourself crazy one day. What I am describing here are the moments when you are trying…

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