Forgive yourself

The truth is that you are doing so much better than you allow yourself to think. If you looked on all the mistakes and all the regrets you are still holding against yourself, you would see that they only brought you closer to your heart. And, now, when you came to know your heart, it … More Forgive yourself

The calling of light

OK, so, I´m sure that what I´m going to write about you´ve experienced at a certain point in your life, too. If you´re a bit like me, you´ve experienced it at several points and maybe you´ve even experienced it today. It starts something like this: you find yourself in a situation where you feel a … More The calling of light

Releasing worries and getting comfortable with the unknown

It´s easy to find peace when we have a 10-year life plan and everything is running smoothly for us. It´s somewhat more difficult to be at peace when your life is suddenly out of control. Do you know those moments when you think you did everything as you should, but life didn´t turn out the … More Releasing worries and getting comfortable with the unknown