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    Unlock the genuine power of healthy masculine and feminine energy

    Lately, as I have been navigating the balance between my work life, relationships, and inner healing I came to realize that they´re, in fact, one and the same thing. As you move through releasing limiting beliefs and emotional wounds related to them, you become aware of the triggers in every area of your life. By triggers, I mean situations that evoke emotions, which at first feel uncomfortable. Doing the inner work takes courage and dedication because as it´s being said the only way out is through and it applies to our fears more than to anything else. If you are a sucker for self-help books and personal development, I bet you came across the concept…

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    Business: Shifting Beliefs & Creating from Possibility

    Our internal dialogue influences every area of our lives. Even though we compartmentalize our life into love, business/work, finances, fitness, sirituality, etc. there is one component that determines the essence and quality of all of these areas and that component is US. If we have been growing up with limiting beliefs in any of these areas of life, they are going to be reflected back to us later on. Oftentimes it is really hard to grasp another way of going around things when scarcity is all that we are familiar with. I have experienced firsthand how much of anxiety and frustration can be caused by limiting beliefs and that is…

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