The new way of being

I invite you to put aside all that you have thought is true about yourself, your worthiness and the value you have in this world and to come with me on a journey of revealing your true nature. Just for now, let´s see beyond all the concepts of achieving and trying hard. I know that your mind … More The new way of being

What if you fly?

It doesn´t matter how many times you stumble and it doesn´t matter how many times you stop believing. In the moment you decide again with your whole heart that you belong to love and love only and that the fear you felt is not going to rob you of your freedom, not now and not … More What if you fly?

You are enough

With the beginning of the new year and with the weight of all of the expectations you are carrying in your heart I would like to remind you something. More precisely, I would like to remind you one thing and that is that you are enough, my darling friend. You might think that you need to … More You are enough