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    Manifesting Steps Made Easy: with Focus on Trust and Surrender

    Surrender for me, personally, represents a huge part of the manifesting process. When I am talking about manifesting, I have in mind the process of receiving a desire or an idea and then letting it materialize in our tangible, physical reality. Each one of us is made up of different types of physical, personality and energetic traits, therefore, it would be shortsighted to say that there is only one process of how the manifestation works and that we all have to follow it. The first step However, there are a few steps, which I am going to mention so that you can benefit from them if they resonate with you. Then I am going to focus…

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    Ho’oponopono: ancient Hawaiian healing method

    Today I would like to introduce you to an ancient Hawaiian healing method called Ho’oponopono. I have stumbled upon it just recently when I was searching for a tool that would help me to release resistance and bounce back to a feeling of inner peace and knowingness that I am being taken care of and supported by life. What this technique does is that it helps us to take responsibility for everything that is occurring in our life (remember that you do not make yourself guilty or blame yourself for what is happening) so you can then let it go. The simplicity of this method consists of the assumption that whatever is happening in our…

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    Little Big Lies about Healing

    I have been studying inner healing, manifesting and mindfulness for years now and over time I have encountered many types of advice. The best method of discerning between information that helps us to heal and the one that creates more tension is to pay attention to the way it makes us feel. The old paradigm of pushing through, trying hard and suppressing pain has never really worked. Why? Simply because what we resist persists. When we are trying to move on or push through the pain even though we are not ready yet, we are always neglecting a part of ourselves that needs our attention the most. I am introducing…

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    Business: Shifting Beliefs & Creating from Possibility

    Our internal dialogue influences every area of our lives. Even though we compartmentalize our life into love, business/work, finances, fitness, sirituality, etc. there is one component that determines the essence and quality of all of these areas and that component is US. If we have been growing up with limiting beliefs in any of these areas of life, they are going to be reflected back to us later on. Oftentimes it is really hard to grasp another way of going around things when scarcity is all that we are familiar with. I have experienced firsthand how much of anxiety and frustration can be caused by limiting beliefs and that is…

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    How to Use Journaling to Consciously Create our Future + free journaling prompts

    Journaling is one of many tools that we can use for our personal development and inner transformation. However, tools are just tools, they won´t work until we do and they are here to help us and support us on our journey, therefore, they shouldn´t cause us anxiety or stress. So, if your intuition is not guiding you to use journaling as one of your tools, I give you a permission to stop reading right here and now and go do something you actually enjoy doing and what brings you excitement and joy. If you feel like you might benefit from trying this technique out, I am more than happy to guide you…

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