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    How to stop resenting others

    Recently, I was thinking about the notion of so called “toxic relationships” and whether using this term is helpful or not. Honestly, I think that every relationship is what we created it to be and the only toxic thing about our interactions with other human beings are the fearful thought patterns that we are stuck with until we become aware of them. It is certainly easier to blame other people for the ways they treat us, however, that is not where our true power lies. I tried it many times and believe me, blaming and judging is only going to keep you blind to the prejudice and uncomfortable feelings you…

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    What does it mean to love yourself?

      I thought I had this relationship with myself figured out and I didn´t see how I could possibly accept myself more. But then something didn´t go the way I expected and all of a sudden I found out that my head was full of thoughts like Life is not working out for me, Universe is testing me, God wants me to sacrifice for it, so I can prove I am worthy. I allowed these thoughts to pass and right beneath them was another layer of beliefs that supported the previous ones: I am not trying hard enough, I am going to ruin my life again, I do not deserve anything good,…

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    Others have no power over you: Claim the power over your own life

      You are a creator. You are choosing your priorities and, surprisingly, you are choosing your belief system, as well. When your beliefs reflect who you truly are, nothing in this world can touch or steal your joy. Nothing can stop the miracles you bring forth into this world and the blessings from entering your life. No one has power over your own life. You can give other people and their beliefs power, but they can´t take it without your permission. When you are feeling upset, anxious or fearful, ask yourself: to whom did I give my power? You are in your power when you are one with God/ truth/ love. You…

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    Liberate yourself to be who you truly are

      I am looking forward to sharing with you a few insights that have helped me to live my life with more joy and with a greater sense of freedom . If you are feeling trapped in your current life, I hope the following words liberate you. If you are feeling lost, I hope that the light, which joins us all, lights up your way. If you are fearful, I hope that you will feel the love that surrounds you. Here are the stepping stones to freedom that is already yours, but sometimes it is nice to be reminded: 1. Give up lying “Every lie whether it is big or…

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    Three keys to lasting success

      Everyone wants to succeed in their own life and in their own way, but most of the times we are too lost to know how or we are focused on the wrong things altogether. Here are three practices that help me to stay connected to who I am and from there you can´t not succeed: Key #1: Cultivate the connection to your inner wisdom I believe there is a power greater than us, always guiding us and helping us transcend our fears, worries and limited perceptions of people and situations we find ourselves in. Some people call it God, Universe or Source. Whichever label you decide to use, the…

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