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    You don´t need to be positive to be free

    Did you ever think about the way we think? It may sound strange, but let me explain. When you sit quietly or when you try to meditate and observe your thoughts, you will most likely find out that thoughts simply arise without you doing much. They come and go and they trigger certain emotions in your body depending on whether they are in synch with who you truly are or not. Therefore, you can immediately stop beating yourself up for not always thinking positively. The truth is that thoughts arise in our consciousness based on what we heard when we were growing up and based on what we have believed…

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    Reconnecting to your true nature: Practicing mindfulness

    Every single one of us desires a life filled with joy and happiness and I think that this desire inherent to each of us connects us on a deeper level as human beings. However, where we differ are the ways through which we are looking for happiness and joy. I believe that in order to find true joy and meaning we, eventually, have to turn inward first and foremost and find the connection to our true Self – to our heart – because without this connection we will be always looking for the next thing to make us happy without realizing that what we carry within us has the power…

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    Don´t try to be everything to everyone, just be all you need to be

    For years I equated being kind with respecting everyone else´s feelings and not making them feel uncomfortable. I got trapped in a mental loop, where I sorted through my thoughts, words and actions in order not to hurt anyone, but on the other side, I was blind to the fact that sometimes it meant holding back my whole truth, not expressing myself in a way I wanted to or dumbing myself down, so others won´t feel uncomfortable in my presence. Until it got to the point where I unconsciously started to suppress my inner voice, because I was afraid that my words or actions might offend someone. If you are…

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    Tap into your peace

    As you read the following words, come back to your breath and imagine for a moment who you would be, if you suddenly couldn´t remember any of your worries, any of your expectations and any of your current beliefs. Imagine that there is no past, neither a future to take care of and that you are completely free. Free to rest in your own embrace and to enjoy your own presence with nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to be with right now. Let the ease of your peace fill your mind and body. Give up every confusing thought and realize that there is nothing that requires…

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    To be you is all you came here to do

    When all the different possibilities, which are available to us, change into goals, our expectations can leave us feeling confused, inadequate and lost. We end up feeling like we have to stay busy all the time, otherwise we would be missing out on various opportunities. It sometimes feels like the well-intended messages, which were meant to inspire us to discover what we are capable of, don´t leave enough space for us to accept who we are right now. Our need to achieve perfection doesn´t stem from love at all. When you love yourself you are deliberately willing to change those aspects of your beliefs and behavior that are detrimental to…

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