Alchemy… the process of inner transformation

If you´re an empathetic woman in tune with your emotions, learning to harness this power in a way that serves you and that makes you feel safe, secure, and supported is the missing piece that allows you to live with more ease and to effortlessly call in the life you desire.

You no longer need to effort and strive to achieve a goal or try to pull people along and save them.

When you learn to recognize the healthy energetic dynamics you realize that even if you wanted to you can´t “earn“ the results that will truly fulfill you. You are either cultivating and embodying what you want or you´re slipping into a codependent paradigm with life itself (If I try harder… then Xyz happens).

Learning to step out of the wounded energy patterns is what allows you to master your emotions and energy so that you´re free to start creating the life you truly want without feeling like you´re leaving anyone behind.

Once you leverage your energy and emotions in a way that feels good to you, you start resonating with and becoming visible to new relationship dynamics where you no longer feel like you have to force things, make them happen, or hold everything together through sheer effort. Yours.

Your healthy feminine energy is the source of intuition, inspiration, joy, and expansion. And you want to activate your healthy masculine to feel safe, supported, and worthy of your desires.

When you understand this energy exchange, you realize that you are more powerful than you were ever willing to admit. But you have to move first for things to change. You have to be the one who sees your light, owns your light and takes care of it. No one is going to do that for you.

… feeling as if you need to fix yourself to get what you want
… constantly worrying if you´re doing things the “right” way
… letting the outside circumstances heavily influence the way you feel and think about yourself
… asking disempowering questions like “What´s wrong with me?” and “Why I never get what I want?”
… obsessing over external timelines and other people´s opinions of you

…is not owning your light.

If you´re living mostly in a waiting mode, looking for a miracle or a savior (in form of a man, God, money…), you´re unconsciously keeping yourself in a disempowered space and keeping the life you want at arm´s length.

And you don´t need to be fixed because you were never broken in the first place. You just temporarily blocked out the connection to your own power and inner magnetism which makes you look for it outside of yourself.

Once you learn to master your emotions and your inner world, you´ll start feeling safe, secure, and supported from within. When you close the gap between the subconscious mind (feelings, beliefs, and triggers) and conscious mind, the longing and yearning slowly melt away and you´re free to call in a life that matches your internal state.

I´ve created an amazing 8-week 1:1 program Alchemy for an empathetic ambitious woman who is ready to take ownership of her energy and emotions and experience how it feels when life is on her side and when she no longer has to wait for someone else to save her.

Alchemy is an 8-week 1:1 program where you´ll learn:

emotional alchemy process: how to harness the power of your awareness to dissolve emotional triggers and step into a new level of personal mastery
– healthy feminine and masculine energy dynamic
– to integrate the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind by leveraging the power of your emotions
– to become free of generational patterns, reparent yourself and connect with your inner child
– to stop dimming your light and become magnetic and visible to the right people and opportunities

… and so much more

The investment in this program is 640€ (or 776 USD)

Holistic Mindset Coach

If it seems like a right fit for you, feel free to contact me and I´ll provide you with more details: