Dear friends,

I created this site as a space for inspiration, upliftment and meaningful content. I believe with all my heart that by intentionally choosing to be our kinder and more loving selves we can create the lives we´ve always wanted to live. By living this life called “mine”, I´ve been  learning through experience, which served me as a mirror, to see my self clearly and to change those aspects of my personality, which were clouding the image of my soul. Through all the ups and downs I´ve learned and I am still learning how to be in my life and how to express the beauty that is in my heart and that was there from the beginning of time. I would love to share some of these insights with you, so we can live fulfilling and connected lives together.

What does A Miracle Workbook stand for?

I am sure from time to time each of us thought he can use a little miracle in his life. And I´m even more sure you´ve already experienced some of these “miracles” yourself. Therefore, I love this definition of a miracle: “a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law”. In other words, when you know how to use the spiritual laws, miracles will manifest naturally in your life. A miracle for me represents the instant when our mind is freed from fear, we finally know who we truly are, we can see beyond our limited perception and in that moment our life shifts. To embrace who we truly are takes practice. That´s why I invite you to use this place with all of its resources and start working on your miraculous life.


With love,