One woman, who´s realized that she´s the love of her life, has the power to create anything she truly desires, because the world only mirrors back what she´s already found within.

Eva, A Miracle Workbook


I can´t be more excited that you´ve stumbled across this page!

Know, that it isn´t a coincidence. This is the beginning of a new journey. Your journey to empowerment and everyday magic.

I´ve been searching for happiness and my life´s purpose for years.

But every book and every teacher left me with more questions.

Finally, after years of seeking the ultimate answers to life´s biggest questions, I´ve decided to ditch what everyone else was saying and to follow my own intuition.

And that´s when the miracles started happening!

What does A Miracle Workbook stand for?

A miracle for me represents an instant when our mind is freed from fear, we finally know who we truly are, we can see clearly beyond our limited perception and in that moment our life shifts in an unexpected but loving way.

Allowing our inner wisdom to guide us, opens the door for miracles to take place within us and around us all day every day.

I´m a Europe-based freelance writer and women´s empowerment coach with a Master´s in International business, passion for yoga, and love for nature and green tea.

I created this blog as a space for inspiration, upliftment, and meaningful content.

My intention and my work is to help you to take your power back, connect you with your inner wisdom, and help you create anything you desire.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that you´re worth it?

Yes, you´re worthy of each and every one of your genuine desires and it took me the longest time to see and experience that self-love and creating a meaningful life are connected.

That´s why I feel that the ultimate mission of my work is to make sure that every woman who stops by, leaves with more love and appreciation for her beautiful self.

I´m on the journey to creating a MEANINGFUL life – meaningful to me – with you.

Every idea, every exercise, and every practice was first tried and tested in my own life.

I´m thrilled to share them with you and I believe the resources you´ll find here are going to help us live fulfilling and connected lives together!

Much love,

Welcome to Miracle Workbook

I´m here to help you create a meaningful life. Meaningful to YOU.

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Much love,

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