It´s not about doing it ‘right’. It´s not about twisting yourself into a pretzel. Life does not reward you for being ‘good’. Life does not drop the things you want into your lap because you´ve followed the rules… but you WILL experience what you desire when you listen to your intuition and learn to stop bypassing your feelings.

Eva, A Miracle Workbook
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I can´t be more excited that you´ve stumbled across this page!

Know, that it isn´t a coincidence. This is the beginning of a new journey. Your journey to everyday magic.

As a former perfectionist and overachiever, I know the struggle that comes with not trusting life, needing to control every last detail, and doing the ‘inner work’ to earn your desires.

Have you noticed that the more you try, the harder it gets?

The more you chase the very thing you want, the farther away it seems to be?

And it´s all so exhausting.

It feels like you´re living, feeling, and acting against your true nature.

And you actually are.

Our world is run by wounded masculine and feminine energies.

We don´t know how healthy expression of our energy feels like and looks like.

Yet once you tap into your power, life starts feeling good without having to try really hard.

You stop efforting, you let go of the struggle and your life falls into place.

But first, you have to become aware of the old conditioning that prevents you to listen to your intuition.

Then you will be free to practice feeling and relating to the world in a healthy way.

And that´s exactly what I teach my clients.

I studied different healing and self-development modalities, but it wasn´t until I understood how the feminine and masculine energies work within us and around us that I was able to trust my inner wisdom and stop working hard on things that were eventually getting me nowhere.

I call the process I work with deconditioning.

We´re conditioned to live in fear, hate, and scarcity.

And I´m guiding women to a new paradigm where they can finally trust themselves, know how valuable their energy and feelings are, and where they don´t have to ‘deserve’ their desires or try hard.

Instead, their learn how their innate feminine energy works, they let go of any beliefs that are holding them back, and they learn that it´s who they are not what they do that shifts everything.

Much love,

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