Masculine Protection in Relationship

Feminine nature is devotional and our heart wants to trust in the goodness of people.
However, without integrating the healthy masculine principle, these qualities can lead to confusion and disillusionment instead of fulfillment.

Two areas where I most often see my clients´ feminine devotion leaking:

🥀 Falling in love fast without seeking safety first and a willingness to give a dozen of second chances

The masculine principle protects feminine radiance, joy, softness, and wisdom.

When a woman is attracted to a partner that is not determined to protect and cherish her physical, emotional, and mental well-being she is carrying remnants of distorted polarity and wounding calling for her acknowledgment and attention.

It manifests as reactivity, pining after love and helplessness, or in some cases constriction and inability to open her heart to closeness and intimacy.
Resurrecting her best inner husband is the first step to creating containment for her emotions, unprocessed pain, and a desire for a healthy and loving relationship.

🥀 Lack of fulfillment in her career

Distorted relationship dynamics in a career keep a woman entangled with abusive career paths, clients, and institutions. The false sense of “loyalty” to structures and places, that don´t support her gifts and radiance is stemming from a deep sense of unworthiness and, again, devotion placed in the wrong hands.

The masculine principle of God gives our feminine hearts strength and authority to do what is right and to birth our desires into this world.

Holding boundaries, taking care of your finances, and selecting the right people you want to work with is not always easy and convenient, but it is always reflected in how supported, safe, and secure you feel while you are engaging with life.

In the same way you can´t respect a man who chooses what is convenient over what is right, your inner masculine collapses when you choose to protect your feminine heart only when it is easy.

I teach women to learn and embody healthy principles and heal their relationship with the masculine in my one-on-one program.

A Miracle Workbook

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