4 Ways in which Women are Subconsciously Hiding from Real Love and Connection

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One crucial phase that my clients go through on their journey towards creating healthy and fulfilling relationships in love and career that I don´t see many experts talking about is SOBERING.

This is the phase where the initial euphoria of creating “your new Self” evaporates and you are faced with the reality of the present moment and the resurfacing patterns.

In fact, the tendency to jump to the end, daydream or fantasize can be a beautiful gift that allows you to anchor your vision,
but more often than not it is a coping mechanism protecting you from the layers of density and hurt that are present in your body and relationships.

The power of discernment comes from your level of SOBRIETY.

🤍 discernment in choosing a safe partner
🤍 discernment in making career choices that feel supportive
🤍 discernment in making financial decisions that feel supportive
🤍 discernment in parenting and relating to family members

So what is the difference between being anchored in sobriety and chasing a fantasy that will leave you yearning for more?

If you are dreaming about being saved or saving someone (which ambitious emphatic women often end up doing) you are avoiding real connection and the relationships you deeply desire.

This pattern comes up in

💔 waiting for your partner to save you from your current lifestyle and circumstances (where are you abandoning yourself?) >>> we often have the same dynamic with our career/biz (what are you running away from?)
💔 trying to earn love and connection by saving others (where were you taught to source your worth from
💔 expecting too much too soon (where are you not meeting your needs?)
💔 falling for potential instead of creating intimacy with the person who is your equal and match from the get-go (what parts of you are you avoiding or ashamed of?)
💔 wanting quick success and compromising your integrity (where are you not trusting yourself and not trusting life?)

In the SOBERING phase, my clients learn to develop the capacity to
🌱 support their body and nervous system while they reconnect with their femininity and release the layers of hurt that were triggering their escape mechanisms
>>> their bodies are then able to restore and develop the remembrance of healthy relationships, safety, and security
🌱 rest in their own masculine energy instead of using their masculine energy to push through or chase the next emotional high (chasing the butterflies)
>>> they start receiving better and more fulfilling opportunities in their career (a client of mine was recently invited to work on projects that are in her zone of genius soon after she has started to work less and support her own genius more)
🌱 create real intimacy and safety with their partner, family, and in their career which creates long-term sustainable results
>>> they hold themselves while their parenting skills skyrocket and their relationship with their kids becomes even better
🌱 cherish their femininity while being in a relationship with their partner (or dating)
>>> they learn to respect the masculine instead of chasing it or trying to save peter pan men

For emphatic, ambitious women who desire to step beyond healing and start creating relationships and career that feels amazing, I created a two-and-a-half-month-long one-on-one program where we:

  1. Set your instincts free, train your body to recognize how a healthy relationship feels and help you let go of any unhealthy attachments and dynamics that are draining your energy (this discernment takes your career to a whole new level as well and dissolves all the self-doubt)
  2. Work with your inner protector and provider so that you have the most empowered gatekeeper to your feminine light and feminine genius which turns you from a fixer-upper to a beautiful castle and helps you to structure your life in a way that is actually supporting YOU.
  3. Create a mind-body connection that feels safe, supportive, and extremely nourishing and making it a bottom line in all your endeavors. This is a whole paradigm shift that opens you up to new opportunities and helps you to leave the belief that “you deserve only things that you worked hard for” behind, forever.
  4. Make it comfortable for you to lead with your feminine genius and let go of unnecessary defenses that dim your radiance. You will learn to lean into your intuition (feminine instinct) and trust yourself.
  5. Help you discern what is healthy and what is not when it comes to polarity and relationships and help you become comfortable with using your own integrated empowered energies to support yourself and to let others (including men) who are equally empowered to support you as well.

The good news is that I give you a roadmap that guides you to a healthy relationship where your feminine essence is fully honored, supported, appreciated, and seen. We train your body to understand and to be able to discern the feeling of protection, provision, and support. This unique process dissolves the “overworking” and shows you that it is safe to receive and thrive when you listen to and trust your instincts. 

If it sounds like you are the right fit, you can apply by filling out the application form.

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