From divorce to being in a relationship of her dreams in six months

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Today I decided to break-down a process I took one of my recent clients through that allowed her to transition from divorce to being in a relationship of her dreams in six months.

(and instead of going out on random dates, my client went on a date with just one man >>> the right one for her)

Before she signed up for my program she was familiar with feminine-masculine energy teachings, but was still entertaining a frustrating relationship with a “man-child”, while using chemistry and emotional connection as an excuse for betraying her GENUINE DESIRE >>> to be with someone who is
✔️ helps to PARENT her children (and doesn´t add additional stress to her life by being another child who can´t face the reality of her everyday life and whose feelings she has to coddle)
✔️ is DRIVEN, with a successful career and shows up as an EMPOWERED partner and her EQUAL

She has done what the majority of clients do before they find me – they INTERPRET the polarity principles or someone talking about feminine energy through their own lenses, codependency, and distorted perception of relationships.

When the less emotionally evolved parts of her are running the show, she is going to interpret being feminine as

– AVOIDING her FEARS and doing only what feels good
– compromising her physical and emotional wellbeing, and IGNORING all the RED FLAGS in the name of “leaning back“ and “trusting“
– not creating healthy opportunities for herself and WAITING on God/Universe (being in a parent-child relationship with life itself and feeling entitled + throwing tantrums when nothing is happening)
– JUMPING on the first opportunity/relationship and taking whatever breadcrumbs the man gives her
– seeing the message from her ex as A SIGN they should be together
– being passive and emotionally open to everyone and everything + throwing DISCERNMENT and DISCIPLINE out of the window

The above misinterpretation leads to stagnationresentmentzero tangible results and improvement in your life and relationships, and extreme frustration and mood swings.

This perspective was already being driven by my client´s invisible subconscious pattern which can NOT be deconstructed by the feel-good teachings or self-help only because you simply don´t know what you don´t know.

But the trace that this invisible pattern leaves behind is being stuck with the same result/relationship over and over again.

When she decided to stop DIY-ing her transformation and started working with me I was able to quickly track and uproot the invisible pattern running her life which was her tamed feminine energy and distorted masculine making her open and susceptible to disempowered men and relationships where she felt guilty of asking for more.

What was the real work we had to do to help her step into her true feminine genius?

1Letting go of the BLIND LOYALTY towards the MASCULINE that was reflected in

– feeling GUILTY for wanting more out of the relationship she was in

– PARENTING the man and “shielding” his feelings instead of being protected and cherished as his partner

– SHAME that she took on from being betrayed by her masculine role model in the past, which “corrupted” her own masculine and kept her stuck with belief that she is not worthy of being protected

– repressed anger and repressed self-expression which led to doormatism

2. Unhooking the drive behind the emotional addiction to CHEMISTRY with a man who was compromising her legacy and stability

– I coached her through the process of letting go of the fantasy relationship and instead helped her create a real connection with an available partner


– walking away from the relationship that left her longing for more and using DISCERNMENT and INTELLECT instead of relying on momentary emotional decisions

4. ANCHORING the feeling of being in a HEALTHY relationship in her body until it felt so integrated that she couldn´t tolerate anything else and the patterns that were running her life before felt like too much effort and work

5. ENGAGING with life (not waiting), becoming comfortable with being SEEN, creating rich and fulfilling opportunities for herself with or without the man, becoming an even better parent through the work we have done together

When her current partner reached out to her his energy felt different.

It felt calm, grounded, supportive, and stable.

She was hesitant at first because she didn´t feel the “chemistry” she was used to.

But because she was given the exact roadmap to recognizing an empowered partner, she knew that in this case the “unknown” was a good thing.

(sidenote – if you are looking to create a long-term fulfilling and deeply intimate relationship, butterflies in your stomach usually mean >>> run the opposite direction because your INNER ADDICT is being activated)

The connection felt EFFORTLESS from the beginning. No second-guessing, no pining, or doubting herself and whether she is being feminine enough. She was free to be HERSELF and express her own genius freely.

She didn´t have to
– tip-toe around what she wants and needs
– sacrifice her well-being or the well-being of her children
– think about how to communicate with him – the more she is herself and the freer she is in her self-expression the more he adores her
– control her thoughts or feelings because she is afraid that she would repel him

He started planning and stepping up in ways she didn´t even know she needed. He is a great role model to her children and is well aware of the responsibilities of life and isn´t running away from them.

He lets her know when he is going to call her, he doesn´t leave her pining after the breadcrumbs, and he is showing up C.O.N.S.I.S.T.E.N.T.L.Y.

This client completed my 10-week 1:1 program that is optimized for women who haven´t worked with me before (she learned everything she needed to know about healthy relationships and was handed the roadmap that set her up for success and at the end of the program she started dating her current partner, which was six months after her divorce was finalized). Then she decided to continue with my advanced program where we integrated and solidified everything she has learned until it became her second nature, or as some call it – intuitive.

My programs are right now a low four-figure investment and if it sounds like an opportunity you have been waiting for, you can sign up by filling out the application form.

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