Cultivating the Magic of Feminine Wisdom for Fulfilling Relationships

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A woman who has not yet learned to cultivate her own empowered masculine energy in a way that is supporting HER is going to often experience a feeling of being “trapped” with no exit door in sight, especially if a specific desire feels unattainable to her.

In her career, it looks like gaining experience and certifications but still feeling inadequate and waiting for a big breakthrough or opportunity that is going to change her life.

In relationships, it feels like she is living Groundhog Day and creating the same experience over and over again. Chasing love that feels elusive, feeling like she will never be chosen or like she doesn´t matter.

The feeling of being trapped is a symptom of a nervous system that is operating out of fight and flight response. It is the feeling of dog-paddling for your life while waiting for a moment when you can breathe in fully and rest but the moment never comes.

Your body and your feminine instincts are supporting you at all times. If you are familiar with my work, one of the building blocks of my teachings is that random feelings don´t exist. Every feeling has an innate intelligence that is communicating to you what is going on in your inner and your outer environment (I talk about it in detail in Module 2 of my self-paced program QUEENDOM).

An essential part of emotional maturity is learning to receive these messages and use them to set ourselves up for success = learning to let the water support you instead of dog-paddling. The dog-paddling mode happens when we receive a message and we are not able to follow through on it because we don´t trust ourselves (there is a disconnection between masculine and feminine energies in us).

Emotional maturity is a practice and an art of the empowered woman. She knows herself so well that she easily translates her feelings and emotions into a fluent language of her own inner wisdom and then leverages her empowered inner husband who is at all times ready to support her and help her create an inner and outer environment that feels safe, secure, and nourishing.

Your body is wired to seek safety and security and if you don´t learn to meet your needs and desires in a healthy way by learning the language of feminine wisdom and understanding your emotions, the emotions are not going to suddenly disappear. Instead, the less emotionally evolved parts of us (I call them the little – sometimes wounded – girl) are going to hijack our inner world and make decisions that can compromise our well-being, safety, and security (Module 4 of QUEENDOM program).

Then the feeling of being “trapped” is created by desperately focusing on trying to change yourself while feeling frustrated at the lack of support (from others and the Universe/God/life). The feeling of not being supported is perpetuated by the misunderstanding between your feminine and masculine energy. In other words, the message your emotions are conveying to you and what you do with it. It feels like your masculine energy is dragging your feminine behind (which doesn´t allow her to shine her light), and it also amplifies the feelings of being trapped without any support and with no way out.

It is the feeling of being “trapped” in an unhealthy relationship dynamic, but staying because you think (you have been conditioned to believe) that it is as good as it gets. It is the feeling of “helping” a man step up because you don´t trust (you haven´t experienced it yet) that an empowered man is able to step up and follow through.

You can engage in these dynamics only as long as you are disconnected from your feminine heart and your sense of self-worth. Which are one and the same.

The solution is cultivating a connection with your feminine heart and practicing the art of emotional maturity while learning to give yourself options in every area. Can you allow yourself to slip into the feeling of being enough right now (just as you are) while believing that there are always enough men/job opportunities/clients and the right ones will be able to recognize you and step up (leverage their empowered masculine)? Practicing the feeling of trust catapults you to your empowered feminine energy.

When you are living from an empowered emotional state, you have learned to give yourself options that feel amazing, fun, and nourishing to your feminine essence.

I am walking you through this process in my new self-paced program Queendom.

The first Module explains why the majority of self-help and self-development modalities feel like a never-ending search for a missing key and how to avoid this trap altogether. I am unpacking all the illusions that make us work hard on ourselves while believing that we have to deserve our heart´s desires. Once you see the illusions you can´t unsee them and life instantly feels easier and more fun.

Module 2 unpacks the dynamics (conditioning) that keep highly sensitive women stuck in as-good-as-it-gets relationships. You will learn the true purpose of emotions and feminine instincts and I give you a step-by-step process of coming back home to your feminine essence and learning to support yourself (as I said it is an art and a practice and it doesn´t come naturally when we operate from the conditioning).

Module 3 is where I give examples of the most common shadow feminine strategies from my private practice and I am explaining how to choose a much more healthier and enjoyable radiant feminine way of living that will save you a lot of time, energy, and heartbreak and set you up for success and ease. You will learn to discern between the emotions triggered by the less emotionally evolved parts of us and then I guide you through another process of connecting with your radiant feminine essence and heart.

And finally, in Module 4 we dive deeper into the empowered masculine energy and learn to leverage it to feel safe, supported, and fulfilled in every area of your life. This one will allow you to easily recognize the empowered masculine energy so that you can confidently leave the as-good-as-it-gets relationships behind and start cultivating extraordinary relationships that are supporting your well-being.

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