A shortcut to fulfilling relationships

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Have you ever heard half-truths like “You attract what you are”, “Your limiting beliefs are blocking you” or “You need to heal your childhood wounds before you can manifest a relationship”?

When an emphatic ambitious woman comes across these teachings it feels like she has found THE answer to why she can´t “attract” what she wants. Of course that there is something within her that needs to be tweaked, fixed, and changed!

If she is capable, intelligent, and sensitive to the world around her, this is what she has been already doing and it feels “intuitive” to her. She has been already thinking about what to do so that the right man will notice her. She has been already thinking about not disappointing her boss (or her clients), her family members, and her friends.

The thing with intuition is that it often gets clouded with our conditioning and with what we “think” a healthy relationship dynamic is. Our feminine essence and biological wiring are always guiding us towards safety, comfort, and security. Therefore, when a man isn´t picking up the slack, it only feels “intuitive” to help him a little bit, to reach out and check where you two stand (so that you can start feeling safe again).

This lack of awareness around feminine nature in combination with teachings that are training your “intuition” to constantly look for blocks and then tweak the way you are, are a perfect recipe for unhealthy relationship patterns where you end up overworking yourself while still believing that there is something wrong with you.

Imagine if there were no more blocks or obstacles between you and what you want. How would it feel? How would it feel to show up as who you are while understanding that every feeling has an intelligent reason for its existence and is usually connected with the human instincts that are protecting you and receiving cues from your environment which help you to “survive” = they are helping you to set your life and relationships up for success?

What if the anger that you feel when a man is not picking up the slack (planning, finding solutions, making sure you know where you two stand, etc.) was just letting you know that your human and feminine nature is not feeling safe and that they are sensing danger ahead.
When you don´t understand the conditioning (societal, religious, spiritual,…) it tends to hijack your intuition and persuade you that there is something wrong with you and you need to change so that you can influence the outcome = his behavior, what you attract, etc.

Your instincts (anger) are clear and loud. We just want to “retrain” your intuition and feminine wisdom so that you start trusting yourself again and instead of wasting your time and energy on what doesn´t need fixing (YOU), we use them on creating life and relationships that feel safe, supportive, and nourishing.

In my private practice of mentoring women towards genuine fulfillment in their relationships and career, I listened to the same stories (I call them illusions) again and again, which led me to create a new self-study program.

I decided to boil down the core illusions that keep us from engaging with life in a healthy way and moving towards what we want with self-trust and self-confidence while enjoying every moment of the life we are living.

It is a lack of understanding of what is healthy and what is not when it comes to relationships and our conditioning around them, lack of self-trust, and confidence (in her own radiance, instincts, desires, and in what she is bringing to her relationships and to her career) that holds an emphatic ambitious woman who has been doing a lot of self-development work back.

This is exactly who my new self-study program – Queendom: reclaiming your power and feminine radiance is for.

I divided it into four modules that are going to take you on a unique journey and eventually guide you home to yourself:

Module 1 – Coming home to your feminine essence and avoiding never-ending self-improvement

I am going to give you a permission slip to let go of your second full-time job a.k.a self-help or self-improvement. We are going to bring in a healthy balance of feminine and masculine energies into every area of your life and you will start understanding why micromanaging your feelings and thoughts is not only tiring but also unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. 

Module 2 – Conditioning and the circle of power

Understanding how to follow your instincts in a way that sets you and your relationships up for success. Your body and feminine wisdom are at all times supporting you and giving you signals when it comes to the safety and health of your relationships. We will learn how to discern the “illusions” (conditioning) from your human instinct (intuition).

Module 3 – Feminine essence

Developing genuine self-trust and self-acceptance. Recognizing healthy feminine energy qualities and also the sneaky and less beneficial patterns that we use when we are disconnected from ourselves. In this module, I am teaching you the basics of emotional maturity and fulfilling relationships. 

Module 4 – Masculine Support

Using masculine discernment to cultivate your emotional well-being and build a queendom where you feel at home, cherished, and protected. Learning to integrate both – masculine and feminine energies – so that you approach every area of your life from a feeling of wholeness, self-trust, and confidence. Letting go of the emotional pendulum and embracing the empowered woman that you are.

A Miracle Workbook

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