Your little ‘bad girl’ is the gatekeeper of your next extraordinary relationship and successful career

I have been sharing so many special moments with my clients over the last week – one moved across the country because her heart desired more freedom and sunny weather, another got engaged, and yet another is in her first healthy relationship with an empowered partner.

And they all got off the hamster wheel of self-improvement, obsessive ‘manifesting’, and looking for another missing key.

As one of my women said ‘It feels so good to finally stop beating myself up.’

So, what has changed for them?

I showed them what kind of inner work they no longer need to do and as a result of that years and years of illusions were stripped away and they can now confidently access their power and build their own queendom where they feel safe, valued, excited to simply show up as themselves and receive easily (doesn´t it feel incredibly nourishing to your feminine when you can receive while being fully yourself with no strings attached?)

One thing I know for sure is that the life you secretly desire is not a result of hours and hours (in some cases years) of self-analysis, journaling, and working ‘hard’ on getting rid of negative thoughts.

If you are like my clients you are actually too nice, too kind, and too self-aware.

There might have been times when you were wondering whether this combination is a gift or a curse.

Many of the ‘spiritual’ and ‘self-help’ teachings are simply outdated for light-holder women who are coming in and who are meant to create their queendoms fast without wasting their time, precious energy, and resources on constant self-improvement.

You are already aware and you can´t NOT be aware.

Self-reflection was not my clients´ Achilles heel.

Rejecting their empowered instincts, feminine magnetism, and their inner best husband was.

Some of the outdated half-truths they had to let go of to create results

Finding hidden blocks:
– Is there such a thing as working too much on yourself? Of course! The magic happens when you start living the life you want to live.

Raising their vibe:
– Do you need to raise your vibe and get rid of negative thinking and all of your limiting beliefs to get what you want? Of course not! What highly aware and intuitive women were taught are negative thoughts, judgments, and reactivity are in fact their instincts showing them a way out of unhealthy dynamics that are slowly draining their life force and magnetism.

Seeing everyone as a lesson:
– Not everything and everyone in your life is your mirror and you won´t get rid of some of those things by working hard on yourself or meditating your way to freedom.

Being a doormat:
– To receive more you need to give more (this belief is extremely disempowering – even detrimental – on so many levels, esp. when it comes to polarity in your relationship and your biz).

What my clients did is that they have switched lanes.

We reconnected their circles of power, made them aware of their feminine genius, and trained their nervous system to feel safe while having the capacity to uplevel fast.

Instead of rejecting their little bad girl and allowing their conditioning to make them buy into teachings that feel good and don´t move the needle forward or those that feel awful and lead to burnout, they were able to shift from slow-moving lanes to the fast-moving lane that took them home to the life they were meant to live.

A Miracle Workbook

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