What Is The Step Beyond Healing?

(Photo by Marloes Hilckmann on Unsplash)

Let’s reframe ‘healing’.

Healing simply means reclaiming your power.

That’s all. That’s what it is.In the old paradigm, healing has a victim programming attached to it.

You were at the receiving end of injustice and on top of that you had to find out what needs to be repaired, fixed, or in other words ‘healed’.

But what if…

You can decide right now to step out ofthe disempowered energy and cycles of healing and step into what feels exciting, what brings you joy, what your heart craves.

The thing is, nothing is more healing than realizing you get to choose how you want to feel.

And in creating the life you came here to live, you are healed, you become whole, you expand your power and you get to have fun along the way. Where are you giving your power away?

Why do you see yourself as not ready yet, not healed enough, not equal for the life you desire?

The parts of you who are resisting what I share are the parts that need to be brought into light and reassured that there is nothing wrong with them.

You did come here to live and create and expand who you are ❤️

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