Discovering Feminine and Masculine Energies

I have a juicy surprise for you ladies 🍒,

This week I am a special guest on Joelene´s choice podcast. If you have been following me for a while you know that when I share my insights, I don’t hold back. And if you are new to my work, you will receive so much value! We were talking about

Feminine essence and emotional availability (6:30)

How being in your feminine is not just another goal for you to reach (11:00)

Your intuition and how it is guiding you to your next best step (14:00)

Difference between disempowered and empowered feminine energy and how they manifest in your relationships (15:40)

How to discern if your masculine energy is empowered? And how it relates to love and money… (28:00)

Why emasculating men leads to exhaustion and burn out (31:15)

How you create inner wholeness and balance (33:30)

Why it is important to trust yourself and choose what works for you (38:30)

What you can expect when working with me (43:00)

What it means to be codependent and how it plays out in our relationships (48:00)

… and so much more

You can listen to the episode HERE.


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