Holding Power through Polarity

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Understanding the dance between polarities and stepping every day more and more into who you were created to be, leaves you with endless possibilities unfolding before your eyes representing the goodness of life.

The empowered masculine is about sustenance, provision, and leadership.

The empowered feminine is about exploration, play, and creation.

One is amplified by the other and they can´t exist separately.

When women start exploring their feminine energy and essence it often comes at the expense of their masculine. A woman who has been struggling for years with rules and constraints created by the disempowered masculine is going to resist structure, power, and consistency. She sees them as the main source of her oppression.

There will however come a tipping point where she has explored the depths of her feminine soul and the changes she wants to see come into fruition have not yet materialized. She finds herself lost in the world of healing and inner work and it feels like the power to usher in change is slipping through her fingers.

Resisting the masculine ultimately means resisting your power, resisting to be held, and supported. Resurrecting the relationship with your inner masculine allows you to anchor the awareness gained from healing modalities and therapy and it helps you to bridge the internal and external worlds. This also happens to be my area of expertise.

I see how the disempowered energies keep women entangled with the never-ending healing process and the subconscious resentment towards the masculine prevents them from creating tangible, sustainable, and juicy opportunities where they can finally reap the fruits of all the self-development and healing work they have been doing. And that is also when they start seeing that healing simply means reclaiming their power.

Trusting that you are ready to receive and that the masculine energies are always ready to give, provide, and support you comes down to the level of worthiness you are willing to embody and claim. At a fundamental level, our worthiness is never the issue. You are worthy and you always were. Nevertheless, the needle moves in the right direction when you learn to use your masculine to claim your worthiness through consistent embodiment and ease-filled action that makes you feel powerful, sustains the energetic momentum, and propels you towards your desires at a speed of light.

True embodied wisdom comes when you allow yourself to feel worthy now (empowered feminine) and at the same time let your inner masculine support you on every level.

True wisdom lies in discernment. Your discernment will let you know when it is time to dive inwards and resolve an illusion that keeps you from the truth of who you are. Illusions that I hear women repeating daily are :

I can receive only through hard work.
I need to give more than I receive.
I am selfish if I don´t put others first.
Life will punish me if I don´t get it right.
There is not enough of  _______.

And your discernment will also let you know when it is time to keep moving. This is the difference between staying in an unhealthy relationship with a disempowered partner while doing the inner work and refusing to see the truth for what it is and realizing that you are already healed and you want to honor that by letting go and walking away.

What prevents a woman from using her wisdom and discernment is the inner child who wants to know all the steps in advance and she also wants to know the time of final arrival at the desired destination. This helpless waiting energy keeps her stuck directionless and disempowered.

It is your inner masculine energy that allows the child in us to feel consistently safe, secure, and supported. As long as you are looking for this type of reassurance and validation in others (coaches, healers, programs,…) you haven´t reclaimed the last missing pieces of your power.

As you go about your day, start noticing where the energy and emotional momentum behind your actions are coming from. Are they coming from a space of not-enoughness and grasping for certainty and security? Or are you solid, stable, and grounded in your worth and moving forward because reclaiming your power and seeing your vision materialize feels amazing?

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