Becoming a Masterful Receiver

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Let´s talk about our capacity to receive as the feminine.

I want you to imagine that you are out on a date with an empowered masculine man. He has a solid plan, he knows exactly what you love and where he wants to take you. His desire is to make your life easier and make you feel cherished and adored. The more you relax and enjoy the moment the more it fuels his desire to provide and give to you. His energy is coming towards you and it is making you feel safe, held, and secure. Meanwhile, you can focus your energy on staying connected with your heart, enjoying yourself, and sincerely appreciating what you like in every moment or moving towards something else that you like even more.

How long would you be able to stay in the energy of receiving before you start thinking about what is next? How much can you receive without trying to immediately give back? How much can you appreciate him without wondering when he is going to change his mind and stop adoring you?

Now let´s look at the relationship we have with life itself. For teaching purposes, I like to refer to the all-encompassing, all-supportive energy of life as the divine masculine. How supported do you feel by life? Is your dominant belief that life supports you and always takes you to the next adventure? Or do you feel like life is a burden and you feel the heaviness of the whole world on your shoulders? When you think about your heart´s desires, do you feel eager and excited, and do you know that it is only a matter of time before they become your reality? Or do they feel elusive and out of reach?

Becoming familiar with how you feel is your superpower as a feminine essence being. Emotions are your feminine energy communicating with you. Your masculine energy is your mind planning the next action and thinking about how to protect you. What I often see happening is women being conditioned to put the action and logic first and ignore or dismiss the way they feel about the action they are taking. I had clients tell me that they knew as they were walking down the aisle that the man they were about to marry is not the right man for them, but they had let their mind talk them out of their intuition. I had clients realize after we had done the inner work together that the way their ex treated them is the way they are treating the parts of them that they are ashamed of or that they are trying to hide.

Your life is at all times communicating to you your level of trust and receptivity. Trust in your own worth and deservingness and trust in life and how masterfully it is guiding you to the next best step for you. Remember the dating analogy? The more you accept and enjoy yourself now the better it gets.

Then the feminine receptivity is your ability to stay open in the unknown and enjoy life and all that it is offering you on the way to your next destination without shutting your heart off, becoming impatient, or rushing the process.

Mastering feminine receptivity is the result of mastering the energy of complete worthiness and the energy of power – over your inner world and experience. You won´t allow yourself to receive if you don´t feel worthy. And you won´t stay open to receive if you are afraid of tending to uncomfortable emotions. Your mind will create a story/belief to protect you from the emotion and this belief will close your heart from receiving.

How does it look like in your day-to-day life? You are on a date and you can´t lean back, relax, and receive because you are worried about what he is thinking about you = you are assessing your worth instead of embodying it. The polarity is off. You are no longer the radiant feminine open to receive. The emotions accompanying these thoughts make you close your heart off and when the masculine senses your lack of receptivity and keeps his distance (empowered masculine is always going to respect your boundaries), your brain will finally have the evidence it was looking for – you are not worthy after all.

Not only is it exhausting to live this way, it also throws you off into the world of logic and masculine judgment where you forget about your heart and the magic of your intuition and the support that is available to you in every moment.

When we disconnect from our heart the next option left is to control and manipulate – mother a man, overwork yourself for love, over give while secretly resenting the whole world for taking from you.

The first thing I teach my clients is that whatever it is they want to create, receive or call in, they want to make friends with the parts of them that hold onto the belief that they are not enough yet, not worthy yet, or that receiving the thing they want is not safe.

And then they want to start loving these parts and making them feel safe, included and accepted.

They are contributing with their own intelligence that was protecting you at one point in time, but it is no longer relevant. And it doesn´t mean that these parts of you are wrong, evil, or negative.

They are simply like small children stuck in their own fearful stories and your job is to teach them a new story and bring them home to the truth. The story of how your life goes from now on. The story of complete worth, excitement, adventure, fulfillment, and love.

You don´t open yourself up to receive by fighting yourself. You open yourself up to receive by bringing all parts of you on board with your God-given heart´s desires.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article, guiding and helping the parts of me that feel unworthy is something I didn’t think possible until I read about feminine energy and how it works.

    can’t wait to read the rest of your articles


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