Mastering Your Heart

Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

The path to our radiance and fulfillment as women leads directly through our heart. 

When we come into this world our hearts are big, red, and beaming with excitement and joy. Life is fun, bright, and full of possibilities. 

Then we observe how others relate to us, esp. those closest to us, and based on how they relate to our experience of life and our emotional states, we learn how to relate to ourselves (our hearts). 

If they don’t have time for our heart or if they dismiss it, it’s as if they dropped it down, and taught us that it’s OK to drop our heart down as well.

Our heart then becomes unimportant, and we start leading our life from a state of self-abandonment. Forgetting our home of origin – our beautiful heart. And forgetting its irreplaceable intelligence. 

To prevent being bruised again, our heart develops coping mechanisms (walls and masculine defenses): control, judgment, codependency, manipulation, shame, criticism… 

The space where we once had a big radiant beaming heart becomes hollow and haunted by yearning, longing, and emptiness. 

A woman disconnected from her heart, no matter how hard she tries, can’t access the feeling of being at home in her relationships because she hasn’t yet found her way back home to herself. 

Reconnecting with your heart means turning your energy back to yourself and sealing any energy leaks that make you overwork for love and subsequently leave your Self out of it. 

It also means cultivating a compassionate understanding for the emptiness, longing, and yearning and to stay with your heart until it feels safe enough to process them. 

Coming home to your heart can’t be rushed, but it has to be decided and chosen. 


Hope, that maybe after all, it deserves to be appreciated and taken care of. 

And gradually, day by day, one baby step at a time, our heart starts beaming with excitement again.

It feels safe and supported, which allows it to soften and its softness brings us a whole new experience of life. 

One where it’s safe to be seen for who we truly are, where we no longer have to dismiss our emotions and rely on harsh world of logic that doesn’t understand the wisdom of our feminine intuition. 

A world that wants to support you and see you expand and have fun and live from a space of ease and worthiness. 

This world is being born within you first and then it translates into how you carry yourself when you go about your day and into who you are in your relationships and home and career. 

A woman who is kind to herself. No matter what. 

A Miracle Workbook

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