Mothering Men (and other adult beings)

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The way I guide women and the way I see the world is through energetics and masculine-feminine polarities.

When we start shifting them into their feminine radiance and innate magnetism, the first thing I make sure that my clients stop doing is – overworking themselves.

While growing up we have all received very unique conditioning, but there are also many collective patterns and beliefs that we took on and which are preventing us from living joy-filled, fulfilling lives while staying connected to our heart and innate feminine wisdom.

One of them is not feeling worthy of the life our heart secretly craves and subsequently using control and manipulation when it comes to creating it.

It is a combination of disempowered feminine and masculine energies at their best – a woman chasing the life she desires without embodying the fundamental belief that she is worthy of receiving it.

When we haven´t faced and processed this fear/wound, it will be extremely difficult for us to create true intimacy and let anyone see our vulnerable feminine heart (the source of your magnetism).

A woman who has not yet embodied her God-given worthiness tends to be entrenched in codependent relationships where she positions herself into a role of a mother to feel needed and valuable. It gives her a subconscious sense of superiority and significance >>> He (they) need(s) me so he (they) won´t leave me.

The underlying pattern inevitably attracts men (relationships) who don´t mind being taken care of and mothered (who haven´t embodied their masculine pole of protection and provision) while secretly resenting her and pushing her away.

Managing our emotional safety and security through patterns of controlling and manipulation is a quick fix with inevitable repercussions.

The medicine we need when we try to control love and someone else´s heart as well as our own?

Returning to the safety and security of our inner world and soothing and supporting the inner child in us who is still chasing after love that wasn´t freely available to her at one point in time.
And understanding the shadow feminine in us who doesn’t trust men and who thinks that by punishing them, she is going to receive unwavering love and commitment.

The inner child and disempowered feminine are used to overworking for love which is detrimental for our emotional, mental, and physical health. Whenever you catch yourself not respecting a man´s sovereignty and teaching him how to be a man or giving him advice, you are already overworking yourself. When I dive deeper with my clients and ask them why they feel like they need to control him, their answers all boil down to feeling deeply unsafe around the masculine and (or) unworthy of the relationship dynamics they deeply desire (which infects all areas of their life).

Somewhere along the way pain has separated them from the sense of worthiness that is found in the connection with their heart and the ease and rest which are coming from our innate feminine essence.

Your heart and inner child need to be seen by you first and foremost.

When we restore their sense of inner safety and security, my clients allow themselves to be supported by relationships and life itself. They shift from control to receiving the fullness of everything that life has to offer.

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