Inner Child Healing: Reconnecting to The Feminine Heart

(Photo by Alberto Rocha on Unsplash)

How do you know that your wounded inner child is taking you for a ride?

You feel yearning, longing, frustration, overwhelm, hopelessness, or sadness on a daily or weekly basis (and it´s not a one-time event but a pattern that repeats itself daily/weekly). And it seems like you have no say in when it´s going to end.

When we don´t have the inner awareness and if we don´t take time to heal and integrate the triggers, life will feel like a wild rollercoaster of highs and lows oscillating between the feelings of anxiety, fear, and frustration. It´s as if you handed your car keys to a clueless three-year-old and told her “Take me for a ride!” And she will because there´s no adult in sight.

No amount of “self-improvement”, strategy or to-do lists will dissolve the unhealthy dynamics and the disempowered energies that are causing you to hand the keys over.

These disempowered energies keep women stuck in a fear-based paradigm and fight or flight mode without knowing what is really going on. Living from your creative feminine essence means living from your heart, not from your wounding. To shift the paradigms, the underlying patterns of anxiety and worry need to be brought into the light and healed/integrated.

In the situation where the triggers are keeping you in an unconscious loop of trying hard and failing, the child internalizes criticism >>> self-criticism, hate >>> self-hate, punishment >>> self-punishment, and it ultimately disconnects from the internal source of love. The inner child is stuck with the belief that if she can finally get it “right“ this time, she can win “their“ love over.

The stronger the trigger >>> the more intensive the emotion >>> the greater the opportunity for integration and freedom on all levels

Whenever you feel like you need to DO/BE more to earn love/approval, it´s time to go within and seal the wounds with self-compassion and love.

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