Emotional Connection

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Connection and vulnerability are an organic part of feminine essence.

When you practice being connected to your Self, your presence alone has a healing quality to it 🕊️

The extent to which we learn to sit with our own emotions, heartbreak, and pain is the extent to which we allow others to be who they are in the moment.If we are used to deflecting our emotions (wounded masculine energy) we only create more pain and resentment.

A couple of examples of how we tend to deflect our emotions (that are usually residing in our inner child):

1. Doing the inner work to earn a specific outcome (get a specific result) = objectification of our Soul.

2. Using tools and methods to rush through the uncomfortable emotions and ‘ascend’ on the emotional scale.

3. Judging parts of ourselves as wrong, less evolved, needy, or shameful.

4. Creating pressure on our subconscious by setting external artificial timeframes (following external timelines) = healing is not linear and logical.

5. Using meditation/visualisation to disconnect from our heart and creating a fairytale land that leaves us ungrounded (the inner child will fill the missing pieces of the reality by using fantasy as a form of escape – be aware of this dynamic esp. if you attach too soon in relationships, project ‘potential’ onto emotionaly immature partners, etc.)

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to BE present with whatever comes up.

Healing doesn´t come from a specific tool or method.

Healing comes from self-compassion and willingness to witness yourself as you ARE.

Not as you hope you´ll be one day.

Not as you pretend you are.

Not as you affirm to be.

But as you are right now…

open, vulnerable, sad, excited, joyful, hurting, frustrated, angry, hopeless, distant, fearful, kind, with big heart.

When no part of your Soul is off limits to you, you are allowed to feel safe and at home with yourself.

This is how divine love sees you – as perfect, no matter what phase of human experience you find yourself in.

FEELING it all and letting go of judgment will eventually free every part of your Self and you´ll experience the freedom of becoming whole and connected.

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  1. Girl! You’re post are literally saving me. We will work together, one day, I know it. Love love!!!

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