The Healing Power of Feminine Receptivity

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The first thing I teach women when we start working together is to stop leaning forward.

When you are energetically “leaning forward” in your relationships, you are using your masculine energy to pull people along, fix things, do more to be worthy of more, and so on.

We have been all there and we have had the best intentions… And they usually take us to a place of burn out, frustration, and resentment:

But I´m trying so hard and they don´t appreciate it…

But I´m doing everything for him and he is pulling away…

But I´ve done so much inner work and the universe isn´t delivering…

I get it. I feel you. I was there and I want you to know that there is a way out of this vicious circle of trying hard and falling short every single time.

It lies in understanding your feminine essence and restoring the health of your relationships.

However, I can´t tell you to stop leaning forward without addressing one of the deepest feminine wounds and the reasons why we lean forward in the first place – the feeling of unworthiness.

Unworthiness is felt deeply and it´s passed down from generation to generation.

We feel unworthy of love that we desire to receive and give.

We feel unworthy of peace of mind and self-expression.

…unworthy of rest, of speaking our truth, and following the innate wisdom of our bodies.

Until we decide to do the work to crack the layers of shame, pain, and guilt that prevent us from receiving the fullness of life.

Empowered masculine energy (in all of its forms) wants to feel received and appreciated for what it has to give.

Women don´t understand how attractive it is for masculine energy when they leave space open where it can feel received and appreciated.

Leaning forward using your masculine energy will keep you unconsciously choosing wounded relationships (romantic, friendships, business …) with disempowered people, which leads to codependency.

The greatest gift that a woman with feminine essence can give is to be connected to herself, receive and accept all of who she is (which starts healing the feelings of unworthiness) and create a space for the masculine where “it” can energetically step up, commit, give, and be received fully.

This dynamics restores the original design and heals the wounds in our collective psyche.

The first step to expanding your capacity to receive is receiving all of who you are.

There is an intelligent reason behind every bit of resistance, resentment, anger, sadness, and depression. You can´t deny them your compassion and still remain connected to your heart.

The parts of your Self that you deny and that you want to keep hidden from the world and from your awareness are exactly what keeps you feeling separate and, therefore, closed to receiving goodness in any way, shape, or form.

So my question is… where are you not receiving yourself?

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