Healing The Feminine Soul

(Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash)

Feminine essence wants to be cherished and loved for who she is.

My clients are usually women who have done a lot of inner work, but there is still something missing… Something not yet falling in place.

Does it have to be this hard? Do we have to jump through all these hoops to finally arrive?

And my answer to this is – you arrive when you realize that you´re not looking for another way to fix yourself. You want to come home. You want to exhale and rest. You want to feel your heart again.

A woman with feminine essence won´t find peace in the self-development tools, which usually lead to mental bypassing of our emotional wounding.

You don´t need to tame, look for or improve your womanhood. You don´t become feminine.

You ARE feminine. And the core of the feminine essence is the connection to the divine (to love).

What happens when a girl doesn´t have an access to the empowered masculine energy of her father (or caretaker) is that she uses her own masculine energy to protect herself – your b*tch shield. Lol.

This happens also when your heart was broken, when you lost your trust in the masculine or when who you were was not enough for the people around you.

There is a layer after layer of hurt, shame, and pain protecting your heart from anyone who would want to come in and witness its beauty.

The shield serves its purpose for a time, but it becomes a great obstacle standing in the way of fulfilling relationships and life.

The main subconscious belief that´s developed is: “If I was not good enough for you, then I will become perfect/enough and earn your love.”

However, the effects are far more devastating than the belief itself.

The main distortion that happens (the missing key) is that you disconnect yourself from your feminine core – your connection to divine love.

A woman with feminine essence is nourished from within.

No “tool” can substitute the connection with your heart.

The first thing I do with my clients is that we start restoring their trust in the masculine and I teach them how healthy masculine feels and shows up in relationships.

Then we start connecting them with their heart and slowly burning through the layers and layers of pain.

In fact, that´s exactly how it feels when you start doing this work. Your heart feels like it has been set on fire. You can finally FEEL it. FEEL with it.

And that´s when all those distorted beliefs start falling off. One by one.

You´ve arrived home.

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