Reparenting The Wounded Little Girl And Becoming A Queen

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Every woman carries both of these archetypes within her – the little wounded girl who (until she´s met with love and understanding) tries to meet her needs in ways that are familiar to her and the inner Queen who is connected to divine wisdom and guidance.

What I wish every woman knew is that if she wants to become free and experience deep fulfillment, she can´t let the wounded girl run her life and her relationships.

The little girl wants to be liked and will do anything for love and affection.
The Queen is at all times connected to the Source of love and cherished by her people.

The little girl in us is the people-pleaser stretching too thin, grateful for breadcrumbs, and leading with controlling masculine energy in relationships, because she´s terrified of losing love. She´s the one saying: “He´s probably not treating me right, but I can´t stop loving him. And he promised that he´ll try more.”
The Queen has learned the art of leaning back and receiving. She isn´t afraid to walk away when her needs and boundaries are disrespected. She´s the one saying: ”Man´s actions speak louder than words. My time is valuable, I´m no longer wasting it. I believe in an abundance of opportunities.”

The little girl sees only illusions and she can´t think bigger than the emotion she experiences at the moment.
The Queen sees the truth, is emotionally strong enough to handle the truth, and her empowerment lies in discernment and wisdom.

The little girl in us will fall for the narcissist who comes on too strong and promises to make her dreams come true. She´s so hungry for love and so used to filling out the spaces where the love wasn´t present by creating a fairytale in her mind that she won´t see the truth of the relationships, which is emotional unavailability.
The Queen isn´t seduced by the illusions. She´s seduced by the truth because anything less than that will cost her her kingdom.

The little girl will settle for safety, security, and comfort, willing to compromise her integrity (low value, low worth)
The Queen is moving through the discomfort with grace, holding the vision for her life and deeply rooted in her integrity (high value, high worth)

The little girl will never start the business or follow the career she truly desires because she lacks the belief in herself and her calling. She´ll take every setback personally and she won´t be strong enough to stand in the energy of what she desires until it´s done.
The Queen is following the calling of her Soul and knows that it will take as long as it takes but she´s showing up every day for her vision and she´s committed to it. She´s doing her part.

The little girl is afraid of the shadows and lets them rule her life.
The Queen has walked through the shadows and she´s brought them to the light.

The little girl is overwhelmed by her fears and beliefs becauseshe´s afraid that they have power over her.
The Queen knows that the fears she´s rejecting will be reflected back to her as emotional triggers and glass walls wherever she turns. She understands the human soul and its desire for oneness. She sits with her shadows until they are set free.

The little girl is self-centered and projects her pain onto others.
The Queen is aware that her energy, words, and actions matter and that they impact the lives in her kingdom.

The little girl doesn´t know how to heal her heart so she locks it away and punishes everyone that comes along for the injustice that happened to her (“I can´t trust men.”). She´ll perform for love and the secret agenda she has for every relationship will suffocate the real connection. She´ll attract wounded little boys.The Queen owns her body, soul, and mind and knows the impact they have on other people´s souls.

The little girl hides her insecurities behind perfectionism.
The Queen owns her imperfections because they make her human and she knows that she´s always loved anyway.

The little girl is exhausted by the eternal search for perfection. She believes that once she achieves it she´ll be finally worthy of love.
The Queen feels at home within herself and owns every imperfection that makes her who she is.

The Queen has learned to carry the little girl in her heart. She knows that her little wounded girl holds the keys to the life and love she desires. She´s connected to her, she loves her and reparents her, but she doesn´t let her rule her kingdom.

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  1. Which self study program of yours or tools would you recommend for reparenting the wounded little girl? <3 I would like to know a good starting point for working on this issue.

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