Feminine Essence in Relationships

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Connecting to your feminine core is so much bigger than ‘manifesting’ the life and relationships that you desire (even though that IS the byproduct of the work I do with women).

As a woman, your core essence is a radiant light. And your feminine radiance is a reflection of your connection to the Source of love – to your Self (your heart) and the divine.

How much you´re shutting down your feminine essence is a reflection of how much pain and shame you´re carrying inside.

Women don´t disconnect from their natural state of openness, receiving, and radiance on purpose. When we peel back the layers that are protecting their hearts they are met with parts of themselves that they believe are unworthy of love, too needy, too much…

What happens when a woman doesn´t know how to access and heal these disowned parts of her Soul?

They start dimming her radiant feminine essence and she becomes ‘invisible’ to her heart´s desires. She starts sensing that something is off, but she can´t put her finger on what´s holding her back.

She overcompensates for the lack of connection to herself (her heart) by controlling other connections (esp. with men and the masculine – relationships that are meant to support her) and by constantly doing (to keep her distracted from emotional pain), planning, and chasing outcomes to avoid more heartbreak.

These are all patterns that keep her stuck in her masculine energy and that push away other masculine energies (hint – your empowered masculine partner doesn´t want to compete with you, he wants to connect with, love, and cherish your feminine radiance). On top of that, for a woman with a feminine core, using her masculine energy to people-please, prove her worth, and worry over the outcomes she has no control over feels extremely draining and it reinforces the original wound: “There´s something wrong with me… I need to change/prove myself to get love.”

One of the most healing things I do with women is to help them see themselves through the eyes of empowered masculine energy. Women who are used to being attracted to emotionally unavailable partners, don´t have the understanding of how healthy polarities in relationships work (sometimes you simply don´t know what you don´t know).

Once we restore their trust in the masculine, it feels safer to connect with their feminine essence and to embrace their radiant light which in turn magnetizes empowered energies TO them (without chasing, controlling the outcomes, engaging in power struggles, or burning out.)

And the best thing is that being in the energy of receiving and shining your light feels healing to your nervous system, opens you up to emotional freedom, and nourishes your relationships.

You don´t have to ‘try hard’ to heal or do tons of self-development work (which often keeps you stuck in the masculine paradigm), all you need is a willingness to connect with who you truly are underneath the pain and shame that you mistakenly took on and let your feminine essence heal YOU.

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