Discovering your Feminine Essence and Healing the Inner Child

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What is the difference between reacting to your life with your disempowered masculine energy AND leading from your feminine essence?

It´s the difference between a ‘doing-to-get-energy’ (proving your worth) AND receiving gifts energy (pleasure + joy + self-expression).

It´s the difference between bracing yourself against what comes up AND softening into your body with the intention to stay curious because you know that you´re a co-creator who takes responsibility for what´s showing up.

It´s the difference between constantly questioning whether you´re doing it right and looking for answers AND saying yes or no to what shows up depending on where your soul is guiding you.

It´s the difference between living logically AND living wholeheartedly.

It´s the difference between bypassing your emotions AND witnessing and melting the inner resistance.

It´s the difference between trying to figure it out on your own AND letting space open for intuition, revelations, and happy surprises.

It´s the difference between seeking pleasure AND living from pleasure and joy.

When we find it hard to move towards the life we know we want to co-create, it´s usually because we have a lot of judgment around where we are at right now (a strong inner critic = disempowered masculine).

We think that we can brace ourselves against heartbreak and emotional pain and ‘overcome obstacles’, which creates an even greater energetic charge/fear behind our desires and it causes a lot of unnecessary suffering. The underlying energy of bracing ourselves and overcoming obstacles is one of great resistance, fear, and distrust in life.

Our inner child feels insecure and she´s asking: Is there something wrong with me? Do I deserve it? Am I truly good enough?  And instead of coming in with support, compassion, and self-acceptance (empowered parent energy), we hate, judge, bypass the inner resistance, and basically fight with parts of ourselves. This creates a very unsafe and unstable inner environment (which is reflected back in our relationships and on a collective level – in the state of the world in general).

Instead of fighting your fears, soften around them. They´re just remnants of the fearful inner environment that we´ve been perpetuating over years. They´re the remnants of the disempowered energies that we´ve been feeding. They´re the inner child craving your support and reassurance.

When you cultivate the ability to react to your emotional triggers with compassion and curiosity instead of the unavailable (wounded) energy of “Here we go again… I thought I was over this already…”, you´ll see the trigger for what it really is – a message from your subconscious mind (inner child).

The next time you feel an inner resistance bubbling to the surface imagine that at its core there´s a golden nugget that contains the key to your next level of expansion, freedom, and love.

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  1. Sometimes it’s hard because you don’t even realise that you’re doing it! And then you do. And then maybe you blame yourself for doing it and… you get my point. Re-parenting is maybe the key but so challenging.

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