Organic ‘Manifestation’ and Healing Your Relationship with Masculine Energy

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Nothing makes your feminine essence shine more than becoming open to being seen as you.

Showing up without the need to prove your worth and without questioning whether who you are is enough, creates the most magnetic inner environment which organically restores the balance of giving and receiving in your relationships.

If being seen for who you are… feels scary, there´s a deeper integration/healing that needs to take place.

But not in self-improvement aka ‘strive-to-become-a-better-version-of-you’ way.

The only type of inner work that I guide women through is coming back home to themselves and meeting those parts they thought were inappropriate or weird with more love and compassion.

This is where learning about healthy masculine and feminine polarities makes a world of difference in your perception of life.

The role of the feminine is to birth the new = create (this can be anything from a new project, business, painting, emotional state to connections or relationships). Creation starts with accepting your desires and trusting that they´re part of the divine guidance that you´re receiving. Your intuition is the bridge between your humaneness and the field of unlimited possibilities.

Where does the masculine fit in?

There are at least three layers/areas of masculine energy that we are in relationships with and usually how we relate to one area is how we relate to all of them (there are exceptions based on our conditioning):

  1. Your relationship with your inner masculine energy
  2. Your relationship with aspects of life that are meant to support you (and make your life easier) – relationships, money, business /career
  3. Your relationship with God/Source

Leading with your feminine essence, trusting your vision and intuition, cultivating emotional maturity and healthy relationships in every area of your life without leaking your life force on drama is almost impossible when you don´t know how to engage your own healthy masculine energy (1st layer).

The second layer is where we try to usurp all the power and micro-manage everyone and everything in our life namely men, money, and our career, which is inherently disempowered energy coming from the inner child that calls for integration (hence all the self-development and manifestation movements). I´m not shaming any of these tools and I´d been using them myself until I´ve found that there´s another and much more enjoyable way to go around our life and they are providing only a false and temporary sense of safety and security.

Without realizing it many ‘self-development teachings’ and ‘create your reality movements’ shift us into a control-obsessed paradigm where we´re operating out of two types of disempowered energies:

– inner bully that manifests as self-criticism, self-hate, and unbearable inner pressure/anxiety which is a result of dismissing the emotional journey and comparing ourselves to artificial standards given by our societal conditioning (marry before you´re …, go to the gym … times a week, etc.) and self-growth industry (Hustle!-Hustle!-Slay!-Slay! culture)

– wounded inner girl that manifests as emotional (self-)manipulation with the intention to attract/create certain things in our life/reality usually based on the law of attraction teachings (staying high-vibe all the time, forced positivity, ignoring triggers, etc.)

Living out of the first energy feels empty and draining for a woman with feminine essence and acting out of the latter will take you further away from your desires and leave you stuck in a child-like (codependent) relationship with life itself and self-development tools >>> If I do XYZ, then I´ll be rewarded.

I mentioned it in my work before and I´ll mention it again – empowered masculine energy won´t people-please you and react to any manipulative (unhealthy/unintegrated) energy. In fact, manipulation, control, and urgency are the greatest attraction killers. You can´t ‘force’ a man to fall in love with you, you can´t ‘force’ your career to be successful and as we´ve all experienced over the last year we even can´t control the reality to the extent we thought we could.

Grounded organic attraction and your inner magnetism are ignited when you let your feminine essence shine, learn to master your inner world (because you want to feel good and not because you want to make something happen), restore your relationship with your inner masculine, and leave space open for the external empowered masculine energies (in form of a partner, wealth, opportunities,…) to come in, support you, and meet you at your level.

Because that´s what they naturally want to do when you start trusting and appreciating them (this is the hardest part for women to grasp and I wrote more about it HERE).

What if Source/God wanted for you everything you want and even more?

What if your logical mind couldn´t come up with all the happy surprises that are waiting for you along the way?

The magic you´re looking for is in the ‘unknown’.

In the space, you want to leave open before anything new can show up.

Embodying your feminine essence and opening yourself up for co-creation with masculine energies is not weak.

It takes extreme amounts of emotional maturity, willingness to be seen for who you are (no more manipulation or perfectionistic tendencies), and anchoring in the realization that you´re already worthy.

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