Restoring The Trust in The Masculine: Father Wound

(Photo by Cody Chan on Unsplash)

Women who are drawn to my teachings usually crave the connection with their feminine essence – with their creativity, joy, love, and wisdom.

They intuitively feel that there´s something missing and that there must be an easier way of going about their life.

They often jump from course to course, from modality to modality, and try to find the secret key that will reveal what aspect of them needs to be changed, perfected, or improved so they can finally exhale with relief.

And without knowing it, the father wound and the distrust in the masculine is already being played out in this dynamic.

They want to trust that they can have the life they desire, but they don´t know HOW to trust.

They want to feel cherished and supported without having to jump through hoops and twisting themselves into a pretzel, but they keep bumping against the sneaky belief “What if I´m not worthy after all?”

They want to live and lead from their feminine essence, but they feel too vulnerable and exposed.

When all that you´ve done in your life so far served one purpose and one purpose only – to brace yourself against heartbreak, exploitation, and possible deception, it´s almost impossible to let go, trust, and surrender (which are all feminine energy qualities).

Being in your feminine without experiencing the support and protection of your inner masculine will eventually lead to codependency on the external outcomes and “manifestation/self-development tools”.

You don´t trust that the masculine (which is reflected in everything that´s meant to support you = men, money, business,…) wants to give (without strings attached) so you buy into the concept that by manipulating your emotions, writing something down 50 times and vibing high you´ll “make it happen” (make God/Source/Universe/energy to give you what you want).

These tools are neither good nor bad. However, any tool that makes you feel like you need to deserve what you desire or change who you are is simply taking you further from the truth and deepening the original father wound.

The other side of the pendulum is extreme independence, forcing your way through life, “making it happen” no matter what, and “crushing it” while carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders (i.e. being in the wounded masculine and ignoring the emotional/inner journey = feminine).

Your feminine essence can´t thrive without restoring the trust in your inner masculine (which leads to restoring the trust in men, money, and God).

Restoring the trust in the protective and supportive nature of the masculine is impossible without healing and integrating the father wound. While growing up our subconscious mind receives an imprint about how the masculine energy feels and behaves based on how the presence of your father felt and how he treated you. This happens unconsciously and since we don´t know what we don´t know we project what we´ve experienced with our masculine role models onto other men, money, and relationships.

Many women go their whole life without realizing that what they´ve experienced was often disempowered masculine and they have no clue how healthy masculine energy feels and behaves.

When the masculine and feminine counterparts within you are no longer at war it feels like you finally came home to yourself. This inner wholeness generates radical self-acceptance and feelings of being supported, worthy, and open to receive.

You no longer need to use personal development as a sneaky way of earning the outcomes because they start happening naturally as a byproduct of you being you.

This is not a 3-step process and the integration is happening mostly on an emotional and energetic level. I teach more about this in my programs for intuitive ambitious women who are done with fixing themselves and who want to experience more ease, love, and fulfillment.

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