Inner Child Healing

(Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash)

The depth of fulfillment, joy, and excitement we experience while going around our day and creating the life we´ve always desired is a direct reflection of our level of emotional maturity and inner integration (feeling of wholeness).

When you cultivate the ability to react to your emotional triggers with compassion and curiosity instead of the unavailable (wounded) energy of “Here we go again… I thought I was over this already…”, you´ll see the trigger for what it really is – a message from your subconscious mind (inner child).

The next time you feel an inner resistance bubbling to the surface imagine that at its core there´s a golden nugget that contains the key to your next level of expansion, freedom, and love. And no one can hand you the secret or tell you HOW you´ll get there. The HOW is a result of your inner integration (recognizing the trigger as an illusion) and it unfolds naturally without you having to push, force or try to make anything happen (usually so you can finally allow yourself to feel better or prove your worth).

When we don´t have this inner awareness and the tools to heal and integrate the triggers, life will feel like a wild rollercoaster of highs and lows oscillating between the feelings of anxiety, fear, and frustration. It´s as if you handed your car keys to a clueless three-year-old and told her “Take me for a ride!” And she will because there´s no adult in sight.

How do you know that your wounded inner child is taking you for a ride?

You feel yearning, longing, frustration, overwhelm, hopelessness, or sadness on a daily or weekly basis (and it´s not a one-time event but a pattern that repeats itself daily/weekly). And it seems like you have no say in when it´s going to end.

No amount of “self-improvement”, strategy or to-do lists will dissolve the unhealthy dynamics and the wounded energies that are causing you to hand the keys over.

Learning to step into your empowered energy, reparenting the child and gradually letting go of years of accumulated illusions based on faulty beliefs will allow you to see clearly and to stop handing the keys to the child who feels hopeless, frustrated, and fearful because she doesn´t have the support and unconditional love of an empowered parent.

Practicing this emotional alchemy process will allow the child to grow up and your authentic feminine essence will finally shine through. There´s a huge relief in knowing that no matter what you now have your back.

This is not a quick fix, but a daily integration practice. The more skilled you become at it, the more magical the process feels and the easier it becomes to create the life you desire. The awareness you´ve created around your triggers now opens up more space for intuition, creativity, synchronicities, and insights to start coming through. And you´ll know that as long as you trust your own wisdom and follow it, you´re always safe and supported.

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