Masculine and Feminine Energy

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Looking for ease, love, and fulfillment when you´ve never experienced them is like trying to reach a destination you´ve never been to before without a map. Difficult and frustrating.

Our emotional state and the relationship we have going on with ourselves is an attraction point for all the other things in our life.

Learning what´s healthy and what´s not when it comes to your emotions and relationships will save you so much energy and help you to call in what you desire faster because you´ll no longer dim your light by interacting with the world in codependent ways. This ultimately increases your magnetism and emotional well-being.

The wounded masculine energy (within you and also in others) is the voice that forces you to push harder and strive more to achieve without actually believing that you are capable of doing so. It rules by fear.

feminine and masculine
feminine and masculine energy

Many women are operating from this kind of energy and that´s why it feels as if they have to do everything themselves (they are disconnected from their own healthy masculine energy). They´re struggling with inner emptiness and consequently try to fill the void by looking for the masculine support outside of themselves (in men, money and by following strict strategies and rules – e.g. diet plans that are more harmful than beneficial).

In fact, this kind of lifestyle seems like the only possibility when your inner dialogue goes along the lines “No matter what you do, it´s never good enough (voice of the wounded masculine)”

The wounded feminine is ruled by fear and plays not to lose instead of playing to win. She´ll self-sacrifice to get external validation and abandon her truth to get love, which will always stay elusive to her, because she doesn´t believe that she´s worthy of receiving it.

When we´re living out of wounded feminine energy, we´ll always settle for good enough instead of great, because the main belief of the wounded feminine is “This is as good as it gets” and “Why would I be worthy of more?”

Both of these patterns make you leak your energy on people, places, and activities that are not ultimately in your best interest.

To heal and integrate these wounded energies we have to cultivate the empowered feminine and empowered masculine and renew the trust between these two energies.

Healthy feminine always goes first, sets the standard, and doesn´t compromise her well-being by seeking external validation. She knows her worth, owns her worth, and lives her worth. The health and quality of her relationships are her priority.

Healthy masculine supports the feminine and respects her need for space and time. When you´ve had embodied healthy masculine energy you won´t force yourself to come up with a decision when you intuitively know that it´s not time yet. You´re able to set boundaries and protect your energy no matter what. You´re feeling safe and secure consistently and you´re cultivating these feelings daily.

Once you learn to cultivate and embody healthy energies you´ll trust life, because you can finally trust yourself.

Your relationships will feel easier because you now know what´s healthy and replenishing and you can stop wasting your energy on what´s not supporting you. This inner shift increases your innate feminine magnetism and you´re finally supported by your own masculine energy which allows you to stop looking for it outside of yourself (>>> healing anxious attachment).

I teach all of this and so much more in my programs for an empathetic ambitious woman who wants to master her emotions and energy and call in the life, she knows she deserves.

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  1. This resonated so deeply with me. It is relatable but I am working on healing my wounded masculine and feminine. Neglected and unloved as a child I have always struggled with feeling I am enough.

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