Magnetic Feminine Energy

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There´s something magical about fairytales. For as long as I can remember Cinderella was by far my favorite. Now that I recognize the relationship between our conscious and subconscious mind, I see how the subconscious talks to us through symbols, feelings, and stories.

The relationship between our conscious mind (masculine in nature) and subconscious (feminine) is a delicate one yet more powerful than the majority of us realize.

The Cinderella archetype represents a lot of women I work with. They are intelligent, empathetic, kind-hearted, and preoccupied with the well-being of others. Yet they feel like life is not on their side. Like happiness and success and fulfillment are not meant to be their destiny. They´re waiting for that one special person who´ll finally see their light, recognize how amazing they are, and save them from the life they´re currently living.

As much as I loved the story, I´m also the one who´ll tell you that that´s not how it works. If you´re living mostly in a waiting mode, looking outside of yourself for a miracle or a savior (in form of a man, God, money…), you´re unconsciously keeping the life you want separate from you.

And it´s not your fault! We simply don´t know what we don´t know.

When you understand the energy exchange and the relationship between healthy feminine, masculine, and our inner child, you realize that you are more powerful than you were ever willing to admit. But you have to move first for things to change. You have to be the one who sees your light, owns your light and takes care of it. No one is going to do that for you.

– Feeling as if you need to fix yourself to get what you want
– Constantly worrying if you´re doing things the “right” way
– Letting the outside circumstances heavily influence the way you feel and think about yourself
– Asking disempowering questions like “What´s wrong with me?” and “Why I never get what I want?”
– Obsessing over external timelines and other people´s opinions of you

…is not owning your light.

Here´s where your own empowered masculine energy has to come in and reassure the feminine and inner child that there´s nothing wrong with you, you don´t need to be fixed because you were never broken in the first place. You just temporarily blocked out the connection to your own masculine energy which made you look for it outside of yourself.

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