Feminine Energy Alchemy

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If you´re an empathetic woman in tune with your emotions, learning to harness this power in a way that serves you and that makes you feel safe, secure, and supported is the missing piece that allows you to live with more ease and to effortlessly call in the life you desire.

You no longer need to effort and strive to achieve a goal or try to pull people along and save them.

Trying to force your way through life and be everything to everyone is keeping you invisible to the things that you truly want. While you´re trying to control your circumstances and hold onto things and people who´re not able to support you (due to their own wounding) you remain unavailable to relationships, work opportunities, or clients that are able to provide you with equal energy exchange. This leaves you depleted, frustrated and stuck in the same loop over and over again.

If a woman doesn´t understand how her innate magnetism works she keeps swinging back and forth between the wounded masculine and wounded feminine patterns, not knowing that there is a much easier and enjoyable path waiting for her.

feminine masculine energy
feminine and masculine energy

When you learn to recognize the healthy energetic dynamics you realize that even if you wanted to you can´t “earn“ the results that will truly fulfill you. You are either cultivating and embodying what you want or you´re slipping into a codependent paradigm with life itself (If I try harder… then Xyz happens).

Learning to step out of the wounded energy patterns is what allows you to master your emotions and energy so that you´re free to start creating the life you truly want without feeling like you´re leaving anyone behind.

Once you leverage your energy and emotions in a way that feels good to you, you start resonating with and becoming visible to new relationship dynamics where you no longer feel like you have to force things, make them happen, or hold everything together through sheer effort. Yours.

Your healthy feminine energy is the source of intuition, inspiration, joy, and expansion. And you need to activate your healthy masculine to feel safe, supported, and worthy of your desires.

I´m teaching all of this and so much more in my 8-week 1:1 program Alchemy. I´ve created it for a woman who´s ready to step into her power and integrate any subconscious patterns and energy leaks that are preventing her to call in the life she knows that she deserves. You can get in touch, if you´re interested and we´ll see if this program is for you.

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  1. I am intrigued by your beliefs. They are my exact essence. The wisdom you offer are exactly what matches my beliefs and to stay on my path with hope in growth. Thank you, Nina.

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