You don´t need to change to create a fulfilling life

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“How do I need to change to call in the life I want?“

This is the most heartbreaking question you can ask yourself if you are a self-aware, kind-hearted woman interested in personal development.

By asking this seemingly innocent question you´re abandoning yourself to search for some perfect version of you which not only creates a huge pressure but also a gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Since we´re creating based on our beliefs, feelings, and expectations (subconscious mind) by asking this question you´re telling your already confused human that it´s not being/doing enough.

But you don´t need to become different than you are to have the life you want.

You don´t need to improve yourself or follow a 10-step program that will tell you what you´re missing and what´s wrong with you.

In fact, all of this 👆🏻 is going to take you even further away from what you desire.

You can´t create a deeply fulfilling life if you believe that you don´t deserve it. Yet.

You won´t recognize a supportive and amazing partner even if he was standing in front of you if you believe that you have to work hard for love or chase it down.

What it eventually comes down to is learning to support yourself and integrate any unhealthy patterns of relating to yourself and to life so you will start resonating with and recognizing what´s healthy and what´s not.

So what are some unhealthy patterns creating a gap between where you are and where you want to be:

💜 constantly looking for advice outside of yourself, putting other people on a pedestal, and suppressing your own intuition and feelings to the point that you keep waking up with feelings of anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm

💜 pulling yourself apart and asking yourself why you´re not enough (for a partner, job, or career)

💜 letting yourself be pulled into drama and emotional triggers at the expense of your own mental health

💜 trying to save other people and pull them along with you even though you know that you couldn´t depend on them if the roles suddenly switched

💜 being emotionally dependent on a goal/relationship to a point where you´re oscillating between being “high-vibe” and then reaching an emotional rock bottom soon afterward because of the expectation hangover

So rather than asking yourself – How do I need to change?

Shift your focus to – How would I feel and what would I believe, if I was already enough?

This is the work we do with my clients. I help them to reconnect with their own inner child (subconscious), we heal any emotional attachments that are holding them back and they are able to connect with their intuition and trust it more than any outside strategy or advice.

They come home to themselves and from that place, they´re able to create a deeply fulfilling life.

You can start with my free guide or book a session HERE.

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