People-Pleasing and Why You Don´t Get Back What You Give Out

I decided to do a mini-series on spiritual quotes that are not always true or are confusing at best… I´m sure you´ve heard that what you give out is what you get back.

Well, we get what we feel worthy of receiving, what we think is possible for us, and what we´re allowing into our experience.

People-pleasing, perfectionism, and over-achieving have one thing in common – you´re thinking, believing, and acting from one core belief, which is “I´m not enough yet and I need to prove my worth.

Until you´re willing to shift this belief, you´ll always get less than you´re giving out (in terms of effort, time, appreciation, and so on).


Believing that you need to over-compensate for the lack of inner self-worth is the quickest way to frustration, anxiety, and burnout.

No amount of action can compensate for the lack of trust in yourself.

You dread everything you do and even if you act on your desires you second-guess every step along the way.

And then you get what you expect.

Others subconsciously pick up on your level of self-worth and, unfortunately, many people are operating from emotionally unhealthy states, so they are more than willing to benefit from your lack of boundaries, over-giving, and self-doubt.


…you don´t need more healing before you can live a fulfilling life. You were never broken.

You don´t need to do what isn´t right for you, only because you don´t want to rock the boat.

You don´t have to wait on life or divine timing to bring you what you want.

You just need to get your beliefs and humanness on board with your desires.

You need to remember why you´re already worthy of what you want.

And it doesn´t require hard work.

It just requires you to stop proving yourself and start appreciating who you are now.

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