How to Let Go of the Inner Critic

(Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash)

If you have a desire that hasn´t happened yet, you might find yourself stuck in one of these two modes – you´re swinging from an inner bully to a victim and then back unable to find a stable ground under your feet.

The bully is pressuring you with

 “Why isn’t this moving faster?”
“This isn’t perfect.”
“I should be doing better.”
“I need to be doing more.”

and you feel impatient, frustrated, or irritated daily.

Then when you had enough of the pressure you swing into victim mode

“This isn’t working.”
“What if it doesn’t happen for me?”
“Why can she have it, and I can’t?”
“There´s something wrong with me”

You´re stuck with fear, doubt, and anxiety.

inner critic vs. victim

No amount of action can change these dynamics.

What will help you to find a stable ground is to cultivate healthy and empowered inner dialogue, which will in turn influence the way you feel about yourself and your world.

The more aware you become of the moments you find yourself in the survival energy and the more willing you´re to turn inwards and re-parent the inner child (subconscious mind), the easier it will be to trust yourself and take an aligned action or rest if you need.

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