Releasing Anxiety

(Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash)

How often do you lose yourself in overanalyzing and self-doubt?

When you start feeling anxious it’s not time to pull yourself apart. In fact, there´s never a good time to be pulling yourself apart.

We´re right now releasing the pressure that comes from believing that you need to be different than you are. The pushing, controlling, and pulling energy is keeping you stuck in self-judgment and self-hate.

What if who you are is enough?

What if who you´re being is more than enough?

Can you feel the pressure melting away?

You can´t experience calmness, appreciation, and joy if you´re trying to chase a “better“ version of yourself.

releasing anxiety

The idea that you´re missing something and that you´re too much or too little prevents you to show up as the open, vulnerable (being willing to own and feel your feelings), and relaxed version of you.

What if you believed that the right people and opportunities show up when you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the moment you´re in right now?

Rather than trying to figure things out, fix or change yourself, turn inward, get still and ask yourself – what do I need right now? The answer will come to you, you don’t have to search for it.

And what we often need more than anything else is to be heard and seen. The anxiety is a part of you that doesn’t feel safe. It craves reassurance and validation.

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