Inner Child and Reparenting

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When we feel uncomfortable feelings and resistance we often freak out because we know that they´re keeping us from what we truly desire. However, being positive all the time without acknowledging how we truly feel is not going to move the needle in the right direction.

Our brain was trained to look at things that might go wrong and you were trained to take yourself apart and criticize your every move.

If you´re a people-pleaser and a perfectionist you´re operating mostly in two modes – either you´re pushing through your feelings to accommodate those of others until you burn out emotionally and physically or you switch into a victim mode and you resist them for not taking your needs into account.

But what you actually need to do is to back yourself up and find the inner safety first.

Without it stating your needs and listening to your feelings is too scary.

If you feel like you´ll never measure up and like you´re never enough, it´s because you´re used to listening to your inner critic and you´re not yet connected to the empowered parts of yourself.

If you don´t deeply trust in yourself, your value, and your emotional guidance, it´s like walking into the darkness and feeling completely alone and scared. This is the feeling that the majority of people walk around with on a daily basis.

Now imagine feeling a strong, warm, safe embrace wrapped around you. Notice how it feels to be cherished, supported, and loved no matter what your life looks like right now.

 This is exactly what happens when you stop fixing yourself and instead tune into your feelings, shift the inner resistance and beliefs, and learn how to always have your back.

Your inner child (subconscious mind) speaks to you through feelings and it will try to keep you safe no matter what. However, our subconscious mind and programming are also creating our life experience. So if there is a desire you have but it doesn´t feel 100% safe, you´ll keep it at arm´s length, if you keep avoiding the inner resistance.

You dissolve the resistance by making yourself feel safe and supported from the inside out. You don´t have to improve yourself, follow someone else´s strategy, or do what´s not in alignment with who you are.

But you have to realize that your desires are not going to save you. They´ll respond to you and circle back around when you support yourself, love yourself, and let go of the frustration and neediness.

Things change on the outside when you change on the inside.

All it takes is a deeper commitment to yourself and taking responsibility for the way you feel.

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