Practical Manifesting and Beliefs

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Today I´d like to talk about practical magic and manifesting.

A couple of the definitions of the word “manifest” by Merriam-Webster are “easily understood or recognized by the mind“ and “to make evident or certain by showing or displaying”.

When it comes to certain triggers and behaviors you´re maybe saying to yourself “How come I´m not past this by now?” or “Why can´t I make it happen?”… “What if this doesn´t work for me?”

Even though you often consciously want to make something happen, there seems to be a glass ceiling to how much ease and joy you allow yourself to feel and how much of your desires you´re able to “manifest”.

Well, certain subconscious beliefs have been imprinted into our neural pathways with sufficient repetition and/or emotional intensity to make us believe that that´s how life works. They became the filter through which we see our life and they´re backed up by corresponding biological reactions (releasing of certain hormones that make you repeat the behavior over and over again).

And we´re so used to ignoring the parts of the mind (often subconscious) that communicate with our conscious mind through feelings that we try to push through or manipulate our emotions, beat ourselves down for the way we feel, or completely numb ourselves out.

However, this will make the glass ceiling thicker and it will add even more emotional charge to already uncomfortable emotions.

The easiest way to make the subconscious conscious is to pay attention to the way you feel.

It´s almost impossible to consciously “manifest” a desire or a new way of living if our subconscious and conscious minds are not in harmony with each other.

people-pleasing and self-soothing

The magic lies in gradually building new neural pathways by validating the way we feel (so we lessen the emotional charge behind an old belief) and then consciously rewiring those parts of us (our psyche) that are reacting to the emotional trigger by e.g. empowering self-talk, journaling, meditation, etc.

That´s exactly how we create magic during our 1:1 sessions with clients. If you´d like to know more go HERE.

A Miracle Workbook

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