Exhausting Behaviors & Cultivating Emotional Well-Being

(Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash)

When you start “doing” the inner work, you learn to differentiate between healthy and wounded emotional states and you can gradually stop leaking your energy on wounded copying patterns like

💨 Ignoring/manipulating your feelings (bouncing between “high vibes only” and then drowning in the resistance that comes up as a result of daily triggers)

💨 Proving your worth (which is usually anxiety-driven and leads to burnout)

💨 Comparing yourself to others (and striving to lead a lifestyle that is not in tune with what you truly desire)

💨 Subscribing to external timeframes (I have to achieve XYZ by a certain age)

💨 Being a doormat (self-betrayal and self-abandonment perpetuated by all of the above behaviors)

exhausting behaviors

By cultivating emotional maturity, (self-)compassion, and patience you can now refocus your attention towards much healthier states of being such as

🌱 Processing your feeling and cultivating those that contribute to your well-being

🌱 Living your authentic self-expression without the underlying anxiety of missing out on something

🌱 Not putting others on a pedestal

🌱 Living life on your own internal timeline and appreciating the journey

🌱 Honoring your needs, wants, and boundaries so you have the energy for what truly matters to you

emotional well-being

When we´ve slowed down and relaxed enough to become aware of our emotions and unconscious patterns, we can start building new neural pathways and cultivate the emotional states of joy, peace, and safety that we wish to experience daily.

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